New England Patriots team plane uses 1.2 million N95 masks from China to help reduce coronavirus shortages


Baker is extremely frustrated that the federal government has outbid him on supplies en route to Massachusetts, according to a source. He worked with the owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, and the Patriots to bring these supplies from China.

“No days off. Thanks to serious teamwork, Massachusetts should receive over a million N95 masks for our frontline workers. Many thanks to the Krafts and several dedicated partners for making it happen, ”said Baker in the tweet.

Robert Kraft and Patriot President Jonathan Kraft have teamed up with the state to purchase 1.4 million N95 masks for Massachusetts, the team said. Robert Kraft also purchased 300,000 additional face masks for New York State.

“It is an honor for our family to be part of this humanitarian mission. We knew that purchasing the necessary N95 masks and providing the Patriots’ plane to expedite their delivery to local hospitals would immediately help protect our brave health care professionals, “Robert Kraft said in a statement provided by the Patriots.

The plane is expected to land at Boston Logan International Airport on Thursday afternoon with 1.2 million masks. A second delivery of another half a million N95 masks is expected to arrive next week.

“The Krafts, our partners, Ambassador Huang Ping, Dr. Jason Li, Gene Hartigan and our staff from the Covid-19 Command Center have teamed up to do this work and we look forward to the landing of the aircraft at Logan Airport soon, “Baker said in a statement. supplied to CNN. “Our administration will continue to research the PPE needed to support our brave frontline workers who work tirelessly to save lives during this pandemic. “

Massachusetts had 7,738 reported cases of coronavirus on Thursday morning and 122 people died, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Baker has issued an emergency order forcing all Massachusetts businesses and organizations that do not provide essential services to close their physical workplaces to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. These companies are encouraged to continue their operations remotely. The ordinance also limits public gatherings.

CNN’s Kevin Dotson contributed to this story.


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