New deaths drop in New York, Italy and France: viral update


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New York reported the fewest new deaths from coronaviruses in almost two weeks, while Italy reported the least in almost a week and France posted the smallest increase in five days.

Spain has become the third country to cross 20,000 total deaths from the virus, joining the United States and Italy. The United Kingdom reported more than 800 deaths for the third day in a row.

Restrictions on the Canada-US border will last until May 20. The foreclosure of Spain will be extended for two weeks. Israel will relax certain limits.

Key developments

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Israel relaxes restrictions (2:30 p.m. NY)

Israel will ease the lockdown on the economy as the virus epidemic has shown signs of slowing. Starting on Sunday, offices can double the number of workers they use to reach 30% of staff, and stores selling goods such as furniture and electronics can reopen, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech. televised on Saturday evening. The shopping centers will remain closed.

Israel has 13,265 confirmed cases and 164 people have died.

New Jersey Hospital Sign Improvements (2:15 p.m., NY)

New Jersey has reported signs of a stabilization in the coronavirus curve, hospital separations exceeding admissions and a slower growth rate in cases and deaths. Governor Phil Murphy said new cases increased by less than 10% for a 12th consecutive day – 3,026 for a total of 81,420. The additional 231 deaths follow four consecutive days of more than 300 deaths. The deaths have exceeded 4000.

Turkey extends quarantine stages (2:10 p.m. NY)

Turkey has extended quarantine measures in major cities for another 15 days, as the spread of the coronavirus is showing signs of slowing down. The rules announced earlier this month apply to Istanbul, which has the bulk of reported cases, and to 30 other cities.

New cases rose 4.8% on Saturday, up from 12% 10 days earlier, according to Bloomberg calculations based on data from the Department of Health. A further 121 deaths were reported on Saturday, bringing the total to 1,890.

Mortality rate in France slows down (1:50 pm NY)

Deaths in France increased by 642 to 19,323 deaths, the health ministry said in an email, the smallest increase in five days. The number of infections increased by 5,715 to 173,956. Only the United States, Spain and Italy recorded more deaths.

The number of people hospitalized fell for a fourth day to 30,639, the largest decline to date. Patients in intensive care beds, an indicator of the intensity of the epidemic and its impact on the hospital system, fell for a 10th day to 5833, the lowest since March 31, according to ministry data of Health.

South Africa steps up reforms (1:40 p.m. NY)

South Africa will gradually ease regulations in various sectors to restart activity after the end of the five-week national lockdown, and work to accelerate certain structural reforms to help the recovery.

On Saturday, a group led by President Cyril Ramaphosa “agreed on the need for a risk-adjusted approach” for the resumption of economic activity. The nation is the 23rd day of closure. While restrictions have stopped all activity except essential services, the government said this week that the mines could resume operating at 50% of their capacity.

The panel’s recommendations will be reviewed by Cabinet on April 20, the chair announced.

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Italy has the fewest deaths since April 12 (12:20 p.m. NY)

Italy reported the fewest deaths in six days, with new cases remaining stable. The country recorded 482 deaths, up from 525 a day earlier, the lowest since April 12. The total number of deaths is 23,227. There were 3,491 new cases, compared to 3,493 a day earlier, with a total of 175,925. Critical care patients fell for a 15th day.

Pennsylvania Reports Most Daily Deaths (12:17 p.m. New York Time)

Pennsylvania reported 80 new deaths, the most in a single day, bringing the number of deaths to 836 statewide. A day earlier, the state had killed 49 people. The health department has registered 1,628 new cases, bringing the state’s total to 31,069.

Denmark extends aid programs (12:15 p.m. NY)

Denmark has extended business and worker assistance programs by a month, until July 8, and added new measures to increase spending by about 100 billion kroner ($ 15 billion), according to a statement.

The government has said that companies that pay dividends, buy back stocks or are registered in tax havens will not be eligible for the programs, which now amount to 400 billion crowns with loans and guarantees.

N.Y. Deaths are lowest in nearly two weeks (11:45 am NY)

New York has reported 540 deaths in the past 24 hours, compared to 630 the previous day, said Governor Andrew Cuomo. The death toll in the state is now 13,362. This is the first time the daily toll has dropped below 600 in 12 days. The state peaked at 799 deaths on April 9.

Cuomo said new admissions fell slightly, but for the third day in a row, daily admissions remained above 1,900.

Canada and the United States Extend Border Restrictions (11:30 a.m., NY)

Canada and the United States will extend the closing of their shared border to non-essential travel for an additional 30 days, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The two countries agreed to close the border to most travelers in March. Trudeau said the extension has the same terms as before and allows essential goods and services to flow between countries.

United Kingdom: more than 800 dead on the third day (9:06 a.m. New York time)

The United Kingdom reported more than 800 deaths for the third consecutive day. The death toll rose by 888 to 15,464. The number of cases reached more than 114,000, the health ministry said on Saturday.

Hospital admissions in the Netherlands are slow (8:07 a.m. New York time)

The Netherlands reported 129 new hospital admissions, up just 1%, a record level since the release of daily statistics since late March. The total number of confirmed cases increased by 4% to 31,589, in line with recent trends. The number of deaths has risen to 3,601, also online.

General practitioners in the country will also be able to fill out short questionnaires on patients suspected of having the virus. The collection of this information aims to better map the spread of the virus in the country.

Portugal also reported a higher number of new confirmed cases of coronavirus on Saturday, while the number of hospital patients has decreased. There were 663 new cases in a day, bringing the total to 19,685, the government announced on Saturday.

Amazon uses thermal imaging cameras for fever scanners: Reuters (7:47 a.m. NY) uses thermal imaging cameras in its warehouses, Reuters reported, citing staff. The goal is to speed up temperature checks to find workers who may be infected with the coronavirus. The move comes after workers at more than 50 Amazon warehouses are said to have been infected with the virus, and unions have called on Amazon to shut down its buildings.

Spanish Deaths Pass 20,000 (7:55 a.m.NY)

New cases of coronavirus in Spain have increased by 4,499 in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 191,726 as the government revises the way it reports numbers.

Authorities have reported a total of 20,043 deaths from the disease since the start of the epidemic, with 565 people dead in the past 24 hours. This roughly matches this week’s data, although the ministry has not clarified the differences in the number of deaths reported yesterday. Spain is now the third country after Italy and the United States to suffer more than 20,000 deaths.

13 nations mark WHO’s “critical role” (7:00 am, NY)

Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea and eight other countries issued a joint statement noting the “critical role” of the World Health Organization in fighting the epidemic. virus.

The so-called ministerial coordination group on COVID-19 said that a “strong and coordinated global health response” was necessary. The United States is not a member of the group. President Donald Trump criticized the WHO and ordered the contributions to the organization to cease.

The 13 nations also agreed that emergency measures to fight the virus “must be targeted, proportionate, transparent and temporary.” They must not “create unnecessary barriers to trade or disrupt global supply chains” and must comply with WTO rules.

Iran Deaths Pass 5,000 (5:37 p.m. HK)

The number of deaths in Iran has risen to 5,031, the number of daily deaths from the virus in the country having dropped to the lowest in more than a month, with 73 deaths in the past 24 hours. The total number of known cases has reached 80,868 with 1,374 new infections since Friday.

Iran seeks $ 50 million from the World Bank to help fight the pandemic, marking the first time since 2005 that the country requests such a loan from the Washington-based institution, said a deputy minister. of Health on state television. Iran has also requested a loan of 130 million euros ($ 141 million) from the Islamic Development Bank of Jeddah, of which it is the main player after Saudi Arabia and Libya.

Nigerian Chief of Staff dies (16:56 HK)

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s chief of staff died on Friday after contracting coronavirus in Germany. Abba Kyari, whose age has not been released, was considered one of the most powerful politicians in the West African country and a staunch supporter of state intervention in the economy.

Russia records largest increase in cases (4:35 PM HK)

Russia recorded its largest daily increase in coronavirus infections, with new cases increasing by almost 5,000 in a single day.

New infections jumped from 4,785 to 36,793, the official Russian coronavirus information center reported on its website. Forty people died in the past day, including 21 in Moscow, bringing the death toll to 313. The rate of new cases increased by 17.6% after slowing to less than 15% in the previous two days .

Singapore, Japan Cases climb (3:21 p.m. HK)

Singapore previously reported 942 new cases of the virus, up from 623 the previous day, the country’s health ministry said in a statement. Foreign workers living in dormitories account for the vast majority of new infections, the report said.

Meanwhile, Tokyo has found 181 new cases, TV Asahi reported. Cases in Japan exceed 10,000, said NHK.

Trump “Danger to public health,” says Merkel partner (3 p.m. CST)

US President Trump is “a danger to people’s health, not just in his own country,” according to the parliamentary leader of the young co-partner of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Trump “has done a lot of things wrong and too late and is focusing only on his own performance,” said Social Democratic caucus leader Rolf Muetzenich in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine. “If he withholds funding from WHO, he only wants to divert attention from his own mistakes.”

Most German infections increase within a week (14:08 HK)

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany increased more rapidly on a third day and at most in seven days as the nation prepared to relax certain restrictions on public life.

There have been 3,699 new infections in the 24 hours to Saturday, bringing the total to 141,397, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The rate of increase in the number of new cases declined steadily for six days until Thursday, after a peak of 5,633 on April 9.

The number of deaths increased by 300 to 4,352, while 83,114 people recovered from the disease, more than in any other country, including China, where the outbreak was born.

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