New Coronavirus Lockout Rules Explained by Alice Beer, This Morning Expert


This morning presenter, Alice Beer, helped explain the real meaning of the new locking tips.

Police chiefs have issued new directives to the British on what constitutes a “reasonable excuse” for being outside during the coronavirus lockdown.

The public had previously been ordered to go out only once a day to exercise or buy essential items.

But since Dominic Raab extended the lockout for three weeks until May 7, new directives have been issued by the police to clear up any confusion.

Sitting in her pretty garden, Alice said it was difficult to get around the rules and admitted that “cooling” was very welcome.

Here are the new guidelines that Alice clarified:

Can you drive to the countryside for a walk?

Alice Beer had all the answers for This Morning viewers

Alice explained, “At first it was not allowed. Now it’s allowed.

“But it has to be proportional to what you are going to do. You can’t drive for an hour and then walk for half an hour.

“It has to be a short drive to get out of town to get some fresh air or to exercise, and then you walk.

“Not a three hour drive for a half hour picnic. “

Can you sit on a bench during a walk?

Alice made things easier to understand

Phillip Schofield asked if you are allowed to sit on a bench or have lunch.

Revealing that the bench was not allowed at first, Alice replied, “Now they say it is reasonable to say to people,” Yes, you can stop and rest when you are exercising. “

“You can stop walking and have lunch. Again, proportion and reason are the basis of this. “

Phil said that someone close to them bought coffee, paper and banana bread over the weekend and sat down to eat it during a walk, but was moved by the police.

Alice explained that it was reasonable because they restricted the movement of others and were “selfish”.

Can you exercise more than once?

Phillip had a friend who was moved by the police

In another change, Alice revealed that you can exercise more than once a day.

She said, “Seniors may want to take two short walks.

“Or for your mental well-being, you want to take a short morning and a long evening.

“Again, be reasonable, you can’t go out and run a marathon. “

When can you move between households?

Alice explained that children who are split between two parents can move.

With the increase in domestic violence, it is vital that people at risk leave their homes and go to a safe place.

Alice said, “If you are in danger, you can move to another home.

“You can’t just go for an hour and moan over a cup of coffee over your partner’s irritation.

“It is under serious circumstances. You must leave for your safety. Don’t abuse it. “

What can you buy?

Alice had her list ready

You are allowed to buy tools to repair, repair or maintain your home, but not to renovate or improve.

Alice explained that you can buy non-essential items while you are already doing your essential store.

You can fly if you want, but it’s only an essential trip and 95% of the flights have been canceled.

A total of 10 rule changes were announced this week – see the rest here.

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays on ITV at 10 a.m.


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