New Chase quiz confirmed as former competitor Darragh Ennis


ITV gave one of The Chase’s most beloved candidates the job of his life – being the new Chaser in the series.

Irish star Darragh Ennis will be announced as the sixth chaser to join Anne Hegarty and Paul Sinha to fight teams to keep them from making money in the show presented by Bradley Walsh.

Brainy Darragh is the first new hunter to be named since X Factor’s Jenny Ryan joined the team in 2015.

Darragh is a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford Uni and had previously gone viral when he appeared on the show in March 2017.

Darragh cashed in £ 9,000 for the team during his turn, but his teammates accepted the lower offers, which reduced the team’s fund by £ 2,700.

The hashtag #Justicefordarragh started to be trending and fans of the series even started funding me to try to make money for him.

Chase’s new Chaser is former competitor Darragh Ennis

A source in the show said, “Darragh has what it takes to be a hunter, he has been tested and passed with flying colors.

“They don’t bring new members to The Chase regularly, so it’s a big deal for the series and Darragh. Viewers will be very interested to see how he is doing.

“The show is so popular with derivative shows now too, so there is a need to increase the team. No one is leaving, Darragh is really part of the team. “

He will join Paul, Anne, Shaun, Jenny, Mark and host Bradley Walsh

The Chase remains one of ITV’s most popular quizzes with host Bradley Walsh.

Every day, four competitors must be witty against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to prevent them from winning a cash prize.

He has been nominated six times at the National Television Awards, winning in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

Host Bradley hinted last November that more hunters may be on their way.

He told Radio Times, “We are doing more and more shows all the time, so we have to recruit more people all the time.

Darragh Ennis went viral on The Chase in 2017

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“So, therefore, we have been trying to find other people who will be suitable, and everything will be revealed next year. “

When asked if it meant more than one new Chaser joining the team, he replied, “There could be more than one, who knows. But it’s a real jolt. ”

He then told Good Morning Britain: “We now have a brand new Chaser for another new series. It’s perfect. “

Here are the hunters he will join:

Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett

Mark Labbett of The Chase

Age: 54

By the way: Former math and physical education teacher who participated in Mastermind, Countdown, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Univesity Challenge.

Shaun ‘Dark Destroyer’ Wallace

Shaun Wallace, the destroyer of darkness

Age: 59

About: Part-time lecturer with qualification in law. He won Mastermind and was ranked 286th at the World Quiz Championships in 2012.

Anne ‘The housekeeper’ Hegerty

Anne Hegerty of the hunt

Age: 61

By the way: Appeared in I’m A Celebrity last year, but mainly a big quiz fan. Appearances before a hunter included Mastermind, Fifteen to One, Today’s the Day, Are You an Egghead? and the brain of Britain

Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan

Chaser Jenny Ryan

Age: 38

By the way: She wrote questions for the pilot episode of The Chase in 2009 before joining Chaser in 2015. She was recommended for The Chase by Anne Hegerty, because they had both competed together in the same quiz team, where Ryan was the team captain.

Paul ‘Sinnerman’ Sinha

Paul Sinha of the Hunt

Age: 49

About: British Quizzing Champion in September 2019, Paul is both a quiz expert and a standing comedian. He is also currently fighting against Parkinsons.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5 p.m. on ITV.


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