Netflix’s “Space Force” spoof with Steve Carell arrives May 29


Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, the all-new US Space Force is moving forward – it launched its first satellite last month. Fortunately, the Netflix parody, dubbed Space force, is not far behind. Netflix announced today that the series, co-created by and with Steve Carell, will premiere on May 29.

The show will follow Carell as fictional four-star general Mark Naird, who dreams of leading the Air Force but is responsible for leading the new Space Force, Gizmodo Explain. Vice President Mike Pence previously clarified that the Space Force would be led by a four-star general, and we can expect the show to borrow other key details. Celebrities like Lisa Kudrow, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz and Tawny Newsome will join Carell as the actors attempt to take off Space Force and land the Americans on the Moon.


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