Netflix Launches New Heartbreaking True Crime The Innocence Files


Innocence files should be your new true crime obsession.

The Netflix documentary series was released to the streaming giant today and will shed light on some very damaging miscarriages of justice.

The show follows the nonprofit organization of the Innocence project and the organizations of the Innocence network have investigated and worked tirelessly to overturn these wrongful convictions.

Each of the nine episodes in the series is made up of three compelling parts: the evidence, the witness and the charge.

The episodes follow the convictions of Alfred Dewayne Brown, Chester Hollman III, Thomas Haynesworth, Franky Carrillo, Kenneth Wyniemko, Levon Brooks, Keith Harward and Kennedy Brewer.

The Innocence Files shows very moving scenes

One of the cases under review is Levon Brooks, who is serving a life sentence for the sexual assault and murder of a three-year-old girl.

Although Brooks has a leak-proof alibi, he has been found guilty of tooth marks on the girl’s body, but soon a similar attack with similar evidence took place in the same city.

Meanwhile, Alfred Dewayne Brown was sentenced to death after the death of two men in an armed robbery, while Thomas Haynesworth was another victim of a miscarriage of justice when he was convicted of theft, kidnapping and rape.

The impact of miscarriages of justice can be devastating for many

Investigations Show How Problems With The Judicial System Lead To Terrible Mistakes

Ultimately, the show seeks to uncover the damaging flaws in the US criminal justice system and the impact on victims, families and the confidence that justice will be served.

Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck, co-founders of The Innocent Project, said in a statement to the show: “We hope these stories inspire people to act.

“There are proven reforms that will improve the system to make it fairer and more equitable.

“Countless innocent people endure untold suffering in maximum security prisons and on death row for crimes they did not commit. “

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Showbiz and the choices of the television editor

They concluded: “These miscarriages of justice extend a circle of pain and trauma that includes families, communities and even victims of crime. We have to do better. “

It looks like it could be a real wrecker!

Innocence files are now available on Netflix.

What do you think of Innocence files? Are you going to watch Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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