Netfix drops the shock X Reason evaluated behind Lana’s name of the robot too hot to handle


Netflix left Too Hot To Handle fans shocked and blown away when they revealed the reason the show’s robot host was named Lana.

Streaming network delighted viewers by launching Love Island-style dating show earlier this month, which saw a group of 20 attractive people compete for a cash prize while living in a beach villa luxury.

A twist in the contest meant that the price would be reduced every time one of the contestants did something sexual together – including kissing.

Competitors were constantly under the watchful eye of “Lana” – an Alexa-style device that would deduct money from the prize every time one of the show’s participants did something he was not supposed to do.

Netflix shocked its subscribers by sharing the reason for the name of “Lana”

Sex is therefore an important part of the premise of the show, so it is perhaps not surprising that the host robot has a sexual connotation to its name.

However, that didn’t stop fans from being shocked when Netflix dropped the bomb on the device’s name.

On Friday, the streaming giant’s official Twitter account announced the news: “If you find yourself watching Too Hot To Handle and wondering where we got Lana’s name from … reverse it. “

‘Lana’ is the Alexa-style device that sees all the Too Hot To Handle contestants

Too Hot To Handle has been compared to Love Island

Zelda Williams, the daughter of the late comedian Robin Williams, was among those who responded to the shock announcement on Twitter: “I wasn’t wondering … but thanks? “

Another Twitter user asked, “So @netflix should probably apologize in advance to anyone named Lana.”

While another fan replied simply, “Wow! “

Contestants Get Tattooed and Planning Kids Since Leaving the Show

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Showbiz Editor Choices

Participants in Too Hot To Handle gathered in Mexico from around the world to participate in the show.

Participants joined the series of countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Australia.

And some couples continued to enjoy the love beyond the end of the show – some are now planning children and matching tattoos.


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