Nebraska Expels Two Former Cornhuskers After Violating School’s Sexual Misconduct Policy


University of Nebraska deported two former football players after school investigator found them responsible for violating school sexual misconduct last year, ESPN document says .

In a letter obtained by ESPN, the university’s conduct committee said the expulsion of two anonymous respondents was effective on April 3. A university spokesperson confirmed on Monday that the players involved were freshmen in red shirts Katerian LeGrone and Andre Hunt.

The letter of March 25 also indicates that the board of directors “has examined the gravity of this incident and has modified the sanction previously proposed”. The school investigator had previously recommended a two-and-a-half-year suspension when she released her findings in December. The expulsion means that the two men are not allowed on campus and are permanently expelled as students, according to the letter.

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The university investigation found supporting evidence that Hunt touched and digitally entered a female student and made her have oral sex without her consent, and that the two men had sex with her without her consent, according to the report. The report said the woman texted others immediately after the fact, alleging that she had been raped.

LeGrone and Hunt were also charged with first degree sexual assault after the woman reported the alleged August 25 assault to the Lincoln Police Department. The two men were indefinitely suspended from the football team on August 26. December was no longer on the list. The two men entered the NCAA transfer portal, signaling their desire to transfer and allowing other programs to contact them.

Hunt’s lawyer Carlos Monzon said Monday that Hunt was “already at another university and he is playing”, but did not want to say where. Hunt did not respond to a social media message asking for his status, and online research did not find Hunt on the list of any universities. On Monday, Hunt was still listed as active on the NCAA transfer portal, which generally indicates that he was not taken care of by a school.

LeGrone is still listed as available on the portal and his lawyers, Mallory Hughes and John S. Berry, said he lived with his family, trained and “explored his options”.

The men’s lawyers have previously stated that their clients will plead not guilty. Hunt obtained an extension to his hearing – scheduled to take place later in April – until May. LeGrone has a hearing scheduled for June, although it is not certain that these dates will change due to delays caused by the coronavirus.

LeGrone’s lawyers said on Monday that the school’s decision should have no bearing on what is going on in the criminal case, saying such school investigations are not up to scratch, deny guarantees of due process and often do not include access to all available evidence.

Two prosecutors in Lancaster County, Nebraska, did not immediately respond to an email on Monday.

The findings of sexual misconduct in Nebraska and many universities are based on a preponderance of evidence, which means that the weight of the evidence favors one side over the other. This is a lower burden of proof than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” necessary to convict someone in a criminal case.

Hunt and LeGrone have been named in several other police reports into allegations of sexual offenses filed with Lincoln police since news of the university’s findings in the August case became public, documents say. obtained by ESPN and a source familiar with these documents. The alleged offenses occurred between August 2018 and April 2019. No charges were laid in any of them, according to the record.

Asked about any other possible Title IX investigation involving Hunt and LeGrone, the Nebraska spokeswoman said no further action was underway against them.


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