Nearly 20 percent of NYPD cops are ill during a coronavirus outbreak


According to data released by the NYPD, nearly 20% of NYPD members were sick to start the week.

By Monday evening, 6,974 police officers – 19.3 percent of the 36,000 uniformed NYPD police officers – had fallen ill, according to the department.

The number of ill police officers has increased every day since mid-March and the the disease rate is almost seven times the average.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, however, said that he and the city’s police commissioner remained confident in the department’s “deep bench”.

“I spoke to the commissioner [Dermot] Shea butter this morning, we looked at the absentee situation, but we also exceeded the return rate which has become very strong, “said Mayor Bill de Blasio during a press conference at the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Monday morning.

De Blasio added that “the vast majority of NYPD patrol officers are younger and very healthy people … so, as long as they have been exposed to the virus, they return quickly”.

“We don’t want someone to have it, but once you do, you’re done, you can go on with your life and be immune. “

According to the department, 2,228 NYPD members – 1,935 officers and 293 civilians – had contracted the virus.

So far, 13 members of the department – one detective and 12 civilians – have died from the virus.

The ministry had good news to start the week – welcome one of the co-pilots back to work to fully recover from COVID-19. Officer Prieto returned to work in the 19th arrondissement on Monday.

“Great to hear that you feel better”, Shea replied in a tweet.

Less than 200 officers have since returned to work after being tested positive for the virus, Shea then tweeted.


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