Near 24 meters to watch the Queen’s speech to the nation


More than 23.5 million viewers watched the Queen’s Nation’s coronavirus speech, the figures released today.

In one of the biggest viewers of the year, more than 14.1 million watched the address on BBC1 – and millions more on ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Since Sky News and other news channels also broadcast the address, the total figure should be higher.

Data does not include radio listeners, the Internet or international viewers.

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Yesterday evening, the Queen delivered a message of hope, saying that if the British “remain united and resolved” in the face of the epidemic “we will overcome it”.

She warned that the country “may have more to endure” but echoed Lady Vera Lynne’s World War II anthem, saying, “We will see each other again. “

In a pre-recorded message, the Queen thanked NHS front-line staff, caregivers and others for “selflessly” playing vital roles.


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