NBA star who tested positive for coronavirus “can’t forgive” his joking teammate who was basketball’s “zero patient” – RT Sport News


    Rudy Gobert, le centre de jazz d'Utah dont la farce de toucher délibérément des microphones et des surfaces s'est retourné contre lui lorsqu'il a été diagnostiqué avec un coronavirus, ne serait peut-être pas en mesure de jeter des ponts avec son compatriote Donovan Mitchell.

Dans un clip fatidique regardé par des millions de personnes, Gobert a provoqué un tollé en touchant théâtralement la table et le matériel d'enregistrement à la suite d'une conférence de presse le 10 mars, deux jours avant qu'il ne soit testé positif pour le coronavirus dans un diagnostic qui a provoqué la dérision du public choqué par son approche juvénile de la sécurité des lignes directrices.

When karma returns? NBA suspends season after Utah jazz player who mocked fears of coronavirus tests positive (VIDEO)

NBA season has been suspended because Gobert became the first player to test positive, only to confirm that Mitchell, who is widely regarded as the key player in Utah Jazz alongside Gobert, also contracted the virus, issuing a statement according to which seems all the more pointed in light of his persistent fury.

“I hope people can continue to educate themselves and realize that they must behave responsibly both for their own health and for the well-being of those around them,” Mitchell warned at the time, later admitting in an ABC interview that it took him “A moment to refresh” with Gobert.

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But an internal source has now claimed that Mitchell still did not want to forgive Gobert, confiding in The Athletic that their once close relationship “Does not seem recoverable. “

While the apologetic Frenchman has not yet regained his sense of smell following the illness, Mitchell repeatedly warned the public not to show the lack of understanding that led his teammate to joke about the spread of the infection .

“I read what he said and I heard what he said”, Mitchell responded cautiously when ABC asked him what he thought of Gobert, adding with relief: “I’m glad he’s okay. I’m happy to be doing well. ”

Gobert is said to have ignored a brochure and presentation giving crucial health advice on the virus that had been given to players in the days leading up to his press conference stunt.

The national anthem was sung before the next Utah Jazz game in Oklahoma City Thunder when the two groups of players were sent back to their locker rooms for tests that revealed that Mitchell was also infected and was leading to forced quarantine .

“We were all sort of sitting in a circle and we put the swab in our noses, and every guy when they finished had their eyes full of tears, because it’s just that feeling,” said teammate Joe Ingles.

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The day after the canceled match, the two key players had to be brought home on private planes – and they are not yet expected to be on good terms.

“I’m really very happy, to be honest, that it’s fair – I hate to say just two of us, but that was not all [traveling] Party, “ said Mitchell.

“In the end, neither he nor I have children at home. I know I have teammates who have children, some staff who have children at home, so I’m glad we were able to somehow contain them as much as possible. ”

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When social media fans asked Ingles if the team was angry with Gobert, the Australian laughed and downplayed any animosity, saying: “P * ssed I can’t go home for a free meal right now!” He has a great chef! ”

The Athletic suggested that time could be a healer while the NBA is virtually indefinitely suspended, reporting that Ingles was ” confident “ any tension could be overcome if the season resumed.

“I heard Donovan’s answer, or whatever,” he added. “Part of this is on Donovan and Rudy to determine if he is frustrated with him or anything. “

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Mitchell is clearly still shaken by his own experience of the absence of symptoms that led Gobert to unknowingly spread the virus.

“I think this is the scariest part … you may look good,” he said. “I could walk down the street if it was not common knowledge that I was sick – you wouldn’t know it.

“You may seem to be okay, okay and you never know who you can talk to, who they come in to.” “

Gobert donated $ 500,000 to help health care workers and the unemployed following his first video message offering contrition for his actions.

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