NBA project – 205 early entry prospects declare for 2020


The NBA informed teams on Tuesday that 205 players have applied for the 2020 NBA Draft, including 163 from colleges and other educational institutions and 42 international players.

The deadline for subclasses and international players to submit documents to the league office making themselves eligible for the project was Sunday evening.

This number is down from the previous two years, when 233 (2019) and 236 (2018) first participants said, a sign that uncertainty about the pre-draft process caused by the coronavirus pandemic could have led to the players uncertain about their stock of projects to err on the side of caution. NBA front offices are preparing to make decisions about prospects without access to workouts, a screening combine or work days, due to limitations likely to be in place due risks associated with COVID-19, especially commercial travel.

The NBA project is currently scheduled for June 25 but could be postponed following the pandemic. ESPN reported earlier this month that NBA teams have encouraged the league office to postpone the draft date from June 25 to August 1 at the earliest. It’s difficult to envision a scenario in which a draft occurs while being able to play regularly. the season and the playoff games are still in place.

The note to the teams also said, “The league office continues to assess potential changes to the pre-project process, including the combine project, due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. . We will provide teams with updated information as soon as it becomes available. . “

NBA teams hope to save essential elements of the pre-project process, including private training, face-to-face interviews and medical assessments by NBA doctors as current social distancing and release guidelines shelter on site make it impossible.

The number of players testing the waters has increased steadily since the NCAA made sweeping changes to its early entry rules before the 2016 draft, allowing players to declare, witness the combine, train for teams and withdraw their names within 10 days of the end of the combine in late May.

From 2009 to 2015, any player whose name appeared on the NBA’s early registration list project immediately became ineligible to return to college.

Outlook testing the draft (by year)

Year University INTL TOTAL
2020 163 42 205
2019 175 58 233
2018 181 55 236
2017 137 45 182
2016 117 45 162
2015 48 43 91
2014 45 30 75
2013 46 31 77
2012 49 17 66
2011 69 20 89
2010 80 23 103
2009 74 29 103
2008 69 22 91
2007 58 25 83
2006 63 30 93
2005 73 35 108
2004 56 38 94

Under NCAA rules, players who wish to maintain their college eligibility must withdraw from the draft before June 3 by notifying both the NBA and their school’s sporting director. The NCAA has stated that it intends to be flexible with this date depending on the evolution of the NBA calendar.

College basketball players are allowed to hire NCAA certified agents to guide them through the drafting process, although the majority of NBA certified agents have avoided this process.

International players wishing to withdraw their name from consideration must withdraw no later than 10 days before the NBA Draft.


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