NBA Horse Challenge Finals: Mike Conley Jr vs. Zach LaVine – Live! | sport


Mike Conley Jr is scheduled to spend this week embarking on a quest for a championship with Utah Jazz.

Rather, he plays for the NBA HORSE title.

Conley is one of four semi-finalists in the tournament. The conclusion will be broadcast Thursday evening on ESPN platforms. The other semifinalists are retired NBA champion Chauncey Billups, Chicago Bulls goaltender Zach LaVine, and Allie Quigley All-Star from the WNBA Chicago Sky.

The HORSE tournament was born to give content to hungry basketball fans and Conley says he scratched his itch to be competitive again.

Conley said, “THE HORSE is something we all played growing up and it is something I actually play after most of my summer training. “

Conley adds, “I always like to have fun and throw shots at the sign, walls, bouncing stuff. It’s just good to get the creative juices flowing back and I know all the competitors feel that way. ”


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