NBA has “25-day plan” to return to play if season resumes: report


The NBA may not know when – or if – the game will resume this season, but the league would have a plan to get the players in shape and on the field if that day came.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst says Sunday, the league has a “25-day plan” that begins after the league sets a date for the coronavirus layoff to return and ends with players ready to play again regular season games.

“They’re spending a lot of time preparing a plan to return to basketball,” Windhorst said in a TV interview on what league officials have been working on in recent days.

“What they are considering is a 25-day basketball return window,” he said. . “.. An 11-day series of individual exercises, where there would be social distancing for a period of time, then hopefully … a 14-day training camp. “

The NBA ended its regular season on March 11. Commissioner Adam Silver previously stated that the league does not plan to make any decisions about the schedule until at least May 1.

There were about a month left before the end of the regular season and the playoffs usually last about two months. The 2020-21 regular season would generally start in October, although Silver acknowledged that it could also be affected.


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