Navy captain withdrawn from carrier test positive for Covid-19


On Sunday, former vice president Joseph R. Biden Jr. criticized the Navy’s actions on “This Week” on ABC, saying, “I think it’s close to crime in the way they deal with this guy. “

“I think he should be congratulated rather than fired,” added Biden.

A Navy spokesman said Crozier had been reassigned to Air Pacific Naval Command headquarters in San Diego, but needed to finish quarantine first.

According to two of his classmates, the captain was quarantined in “visitor areas” of the Guam naval base. It is not known when it was first tested for Covid-19 or when it received its results.

The U.S. Theodore Roosevelt, who has his home base in San Diego, arrived in the United States of Guam on March 27 and has a crew of nearly 5,000 soldiers. All seafarers evacuated from the carrier must have a negative test result for Covid-19 before they can be quarantined ashore. At least 400 people are expected to be dispatched to Guam hotels on Sunday, according to Mary Rhodes, president of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, which assists the Navy in the logistics of the transfers. “This is an emerging situation and a humanitarian effort,” said Rhodes. “We have 13 hotels to accommodate up to 4,000 soldiers.”

The sailors will join approximately 625 other soldiers from Roosevelt who have already tested negative for the virus and have been quarantined in hotels in recent days.

Eric Schmitt contributed to the Washington reports.

John Ismay is a writer who covers armed conflict for the New York Times Magazine. He is based in Washington.


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