N.B. COVID-19 results: an RCMP officer is positive for a new coronavirus


An RCMP member in New Brunswick has tested positive for COVID-19, the RCMP announced on Saturday.

In a press release, the RCMP said that the western district police officer isolated himself at home after being diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

The RCMP say “the case is not related to a front-line interaction”, but does not specify how the officer contracted the illness.

The news release comes hours after the province announced three new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday. All new cases are in the Fredericton area, bringing the total number of infections to 98.

The RCMP release said another employee was placed in segregation “as a precaution”. It is not clear if the second employee has symptoms.

“There is no expected impact on front-line police or deployability,” the statement said.

The release said that the New Brunswick RCMP have been prepared for “the possibility” of a diagnosis of COVID-19 among its workers.

According to Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s chief medical officer of health, the province continues to seek community transmission. (Ed Hunter / CBC)

He said he allows certain office workers to work from home and implements a physical distance for people who continue to work in offices “for operational reasons”.

The statement said that all front-line officers have personal protective equipment and “use it to respond to calls that may result in possible exposure to COVID-19”.

Province Investigates Mode Of Transmission Of Six Cases

On Saturday, the province provided an updated breakdown of how most cases were passed on.

Of the 98 total cases, 57 are travel-related, 31 are close contacts of confirmed cases, and four are community-transmitted. The province is still investigating the transmission of six cases, including the three most recent.

Six patients were hospitalized on Saturday and two were discharged. Four patients remain in the hospital, including one in the intensive care unit, the statement said.

The new cases were confirmed by tests at the laboratory of the Center hospitalier universitaire Dr-Georges-L.-Dumont in Moncton. On Saturday, the province performed 5,005 tests, but that does not mean that 5,005 people were tested. A person could have been tested more than once.

The statement said that 28 patients have recovered so far.

The new cases are:

  • A person aged 20 to 29 in zone 3 (Fredericton area)
  • A person aged 30 to 39 in zone 3 (Fredericton area)
  • A person aged 50 to 59 in zone 3 (Fredericton area)

“We are at the point where we are going to see more community transmission,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, Chief Medical Officer of Health in the press release.

“We are adapting daily to this changing healthcare crisis. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of staying at home. “


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