“My Heart Is Broken” – Downstream Nursing Home Under Investigation After COVID-19 Death


RIVERVIEW, Mich. – Metro Detroit nursing homes have been severely affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Local 4 heard from dozens of viewers concerned about the outbreaks in nursing homes. Many are unable to obtain information from establishments. For a woman, she was not even told that her mother was sick and a few hours later, she left.

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“My heart is broken,” said Carol Albin. “My mother was my best friend. “

Albin’s 81-year-old mother was a resident of Rivergate Terrace Nursing Home in Riverview. She spoke to her mother on Wednesday and said that her mother was fine. She died the next day.

A friend of Albin called her on Thursday after her grandmother’s sudden death in Rivergate after showing symptoms like coronavirus. Albin immediately called to check on his mother and was told that she had a fever. Albin wanted to take his mother to the hospital.

“I hung up. Five minutes later, the nurse called saying that she had gone there to give her a suppository for the fever and that she was dead, “said Albin.

Albin was unaware that the coronavirus was at the Rivergate Terrace Nursing Home and was not informed that his mother had suddenly fallen down with symptoms.

An internal whistleblower said many staff are sick, she is a nurse for 25 patients and there is no time to call families.

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The whistleblower says residents are not tested, enough are quarantined, and not enough are taken to hospital.

Albin’s uncle, who helped raise him, is also a resident of Rivergate. She is also concerned about her safety.

“If I lose it, I don’t know if I can handle it,” said Albin. “I’m worried about him. I just don’t get it. I love the staff there, but be honest. Let these families know what’s going on. Don’t hide it. ”

Rivergate is currently under investigation by the state to see if management is following appropriate protocols.

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