Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare CEO Reminding Residents of the Importance of Physical Distance


Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare CEO is sending a message to the community regarding their emergency planning in light of COVID-19.

In her first blog since March 25, Natalie Bubela shared an update on the work done through MAHC in the midst of the pandemic, regarding the organization’s preparation for an influx of patients.

“We take public health advice about spreading the community very seriously, and we remind everyone of the importance of staying at home and physically distance yourself from others,” Bubela wrote. “This is the only way to protect and protect each other, and to limit the potential to overwhelm hospitals during the pandemic.”

Bubela added that teams from both sites are staying at work and are reminding residents of the importance of staying home for them, except essential trips for groceries, takeout or medication.

She notes that, like all hospitals in Ontario, MAHC may be struggling to cope with the influx of patients who are expected to continue due to COVID-19.

“As a smaller community hospital, we have limited staff and space,” said Bubela. “Health care practitioners fulfill many roles in our communities and we monitor the well-being of hospital staff and recognize the potential of these repeat providers to burn out in all facets of health care.”

Bubela also says that MAHC teams are doing everything they can to provide excellent care to patients with medical needs unrelated to COVID-19, while responding with a dynamic pandemic plan.

If COVID-19 becomes widespread in Muskoka, Bubela adds that they are doing everything they can to encourage physical distance to protect themselves and others.

To read the full blog post, including the actions taken at both the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital and the South Muskoka Memorial Hospital, you can go here.


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