Mum of youngest Scottish coronavirus patient cried Good Morning Britain as nurses send sweet video message


The mother of the youngest Scottish coronavirus survivor fell to tears today after receiving messages from NHS staff who saved her baby’s life.

Peyton Maguire was born prematurely and was diagnosed with coronavirus just three weeks ago.

At birth, Peyton weighed a tiny 3 lb 5 oz due to his arrival eight weeks before the expected delivery, after Mum Tracy, 27, contracted pre-eclampsia.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, Peyton’s father, AJ, 29, told host Lorraine Kelly that the experience was “scary” and that he “could not get over it.”

He said, “I thought,” I will never see my daughter again, “but she is doing very well right now. “

Peyton’s parents were brought to tears live on the show when they were surprised by videos made by NHS staff who looked after the little one when she needed it.

Mom Tracy burst into tears when she saw the faces of the nurses on the screen and was visibly moved when watching the video.

Speaking to the Daily Record today, Tracy said, “The video was unreal. I was overwhelmed.

“They are all my superheroes and seeing them all reminded me of their kindness.

“I look at them, always in uniform, always saving all these beautiful babies and I will be eternally grateful for all they have done.

Mom Tracy MacGuire with Peyton, a three week old baby

“I have my baby in my arms thanks to them. “

And Tracy, of Bellshill, said she was living in a “dream” because she is finally home with her family.

Said, “It’s a dream. James is just missing [her step-son] here and then we’ll be full, but I love being the mother of this girl and nothing fills me with more happiness than seeing her with her dad too. ”

During her pregnancy, Tracy felt healthy but doctors suspected that she had pre-eclampsia during a routine appointment and she was sent directly to Wishaw General Hospital in Lanarkshire.

Peyton seemed relatively healthy for a premature baby, but later started to show mild symptoms of coronavirus, including a runny nose.

Peyton was then diagnosed with the virus as she approached three weeks and received steroids in an effort to strengthen her small lungs.

Baby Peyton treated by NHS workers at Wishaw University Hospital

For this reason, Tracy has been told that she should go home and isolate herself from her newborn for 14 days.

The new mom begged the doctors to stay with her daughter, even if it meant being isolated from her husband for two weeks.

Fortunately, they agreed, and Tracy stayed with her daughter in a room at Wishaw General Hospital while she was fighting the virus, and soon after she and Tracy left the hospital.

The new family is doing well at home and could not be happier.


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