MP Marilyn Gladu Refutes Controversial Comments About Unproven COVID-19 Treatments


Sarnia-Lambton MP Marilyn Gladu Says Comments were “taken out of context” after direct and audio quotes showed her promoting controversial and unproven treatment for COVID-19 and calling people back to work.

Gladu tweeted that his “comments were out of context and do not represent exactly the complete plan needed, “adding that Canadians” have questions about the [government] is preparing for future waves of this pandemic and whether or not they will accelerate the development of new drugs. “

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In an interview with Melanie Irwin of Blackburn News on April 14 and published the next day, Gladu specifically refers to the treatment of “hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc sulfate” as having a “close recovery rate 100% ”in patients with COVID. -19.

Researchers from London, Ontario, study the potential of hydroxychloroquine to prevent and treat coronavirus

Many studies are underway in Canada to test the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine – which had been presented by US President Donald Trump as potentially “something truly incredible” – including one from Western University in London, Ontario , where the researchers stressed that the researchers do not yet know “whether it is safe or effective, and it should not be systematically recommended. “

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In an interview with Blackburn News, Gladu also said that seniors and people with underlying health conditions need to isolate themselves and protect themselves, but “for the rest of the public, we have to go back to work and we must implement treatments that have been proven and done with our partners and friends in the United States “

Global News contacted Gladu for further comments, but his office says she “will no longer comment on this matter.”

In bed for days, young Canadians with COVID-19 say the disease is “no joke”

While the elderly face an increased risk for COVID-19, young people are not immune to becoming seriously ill or even dying from the virus.

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The World Health Organization’s emergency chief, Dr. Mike Ryan, said on March 29 that 10 to 15 percent of people under the age of 50 have moderate to severe infection. In France, more than half of the first 300 people admitted to intensive care units were under the age of 60. Italy reported that a quarter of its cases as of March 29 involved people between the ages of 19 and 50. In Spain, a third are under 44 years of age. In the United States, the first snapshot of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cases found that 29% were between the ages of 20 and 44.

Gladu then lamented the effects of a flattening strategy on the economy, suggesting that tough measures were disproportionate.

“Each death is tragic but the reality is that more people die from suicide, more people die from cancer and smoking and we are not shutting the economy down for that. “

Trudeau says economy and Canada-US border will not be reopened anytime soon

She also said that “for most of the population, this is not a problem.”

“At some point, the economy will be irreparably damaged and this is an even worse result than what we see. “

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While the economy has undoubtedly been severely affected by the pandemic, experts point out that relaxing the restrictions would result in even more deaths.

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Canada’s best doctor says coronavirus outbreak doubles in 10 days, sign of epidemic slowing

Canada’s best doctor says coronavirus outbreak doubles in 10 days, sign of epidemic slowing

“It will be difficult to try to protect people’s livelihoods, and the restrictions are pressured for sure,” Dr. Lynora Saxinger, a medical doctor at the University of Infectious Diseases, told Global News on April 10. from Alberta.

“But you can’t even worry about a livelihood if you have no life. “

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At that time, Saxinger also noted that if a large number of young people fall ill within a short time and health care resources are unable to cope, the risk of death from COVID-19 is higher, with no talk about other illnesses. because “uncontrolled transmission increases deaths from all causes” because there are not enough resources to treat medical episodes like heart attacks, since people could spend weeks on respirators.

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