Mourning woman puts coronavirus husband’s body on ice after rescuers leave


A bereaved woman was advised to attend for up to three days to recover her husband’s body after his death from an alleged coronavirus.

Tami Treadwell, of Harlem, New York, says she was pressured to put her husband Gregory on the ice after he turned their house over.

The 57-year-old says the rescuers left him after performing CPR, forcing her to search desperately for someone to retrieve the body.

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Grégoire delivered to his house

She was told by the city’s health worker’s workplace that he could take “three hours to three days” to choose his stays, according to studies by the New York Post.

As New York City has become a hotspot for Covid-19 in the United States, mortuaries and funeral homes have been overwhelmed by the surge in demand for its businesses.

Treadwell, the owner of a seafood truck, described her remedy as “extremely inhuman”.

She says her home, known as more than 20 funeral homes earlier than one in Englewood, New Jersey, agreed to collect the body of the father of four.

“I am ashamed of you, mayor of Blasio … you bought to designate anyone to come back to remove our bodies from here, people who died at home,” she said.

The mayor of Blasio was urged to designate someone to try to help take away our bodies

She informed the New York Post that her 62-year-old husband returned home with a temperature on Friday after suffering from a cold for 5 days.

A doctor had suggested to Mr. Treadwell, who worked as a supply driver for Nathel & Nathel, that he should not go to the hospital and stay at home.

“He worked all this time to solve the problems. He didn’t even want to keep the house, because they want him very much at work, ”she said.

“It is the worst factor that has ever happened,” she added.

Police were called to the couple’s apartment at 4:30 am following reports of gunshots.

Rescuers were then called to the scene after finding inside a man who was unresponsive and who had not been shot.

Mr. Treadwell’s family denies that anyone reported that shots were fired.

The United States now has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world.

Its total reached 738,830 people and 39,014 people lost their lives.

New York State alone now has more cases of coronavirus than any other country outside the United States, with 241,041.

Last week, it was revealed that the victims of New York’s Covid-19 were buried in mass graves as the city struggles to cope with the pandemic.

Shocking images taken from a drone show workers using ladders to climb into a huge pit on Hart Island, off the Bronx.

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Coronavirus epidemic

Space has been used for mass burials for people who have no next of kin, or whose households cannot afford a funeral, for the past 150 years.

Typically, some 25 of our bodies are buried each week by poorly paid inmates working on the island, which is only accessible by boat.

This quantity began to increase in March when the brand new coronavirus was rapidly deploying.


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