Most Americans Share Pessimism About The Economy: Live Market Updates


Highly paid or less, black or white, stock market investors or not, Americans widely expect poor or mixed economic performance in the coming year and prolonged damage over the next five years, according to a survey for The New York Times by online research firm SurveyMonkey.

These groups also support the strict limits on economic activity that state and local authorities have imposed to slow the spread of the virus and minimize its death toll.

Many of those who have lost low-income jobs have doubts that they will soon find a job. But those with high incomes also expect economic problems to persist, although they are much less likely to have lost or worried about losing jobs or hours.

One group remains relatively resilient in expressing the belief that the economy will have good times over the next five years and that their own families will be better in a year: the conservative Republicans. They are also much more likely to oppose activity restrictions put in place by public officials, saying that they have gone too far.

These differences hint at what could be a huge chasm as President Trump continues to pressure local officials to resume business sooner, with the presidential election approaching in the fall.


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