More young people die from coronavirus, WHO warns


More young people are dying from coronavirus, according to a new warning from the World Health Organization.

“What we see in some countries is that there are people in their thirties, forties and fifties who are in intensive care and have died,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, chief of WHO emerging diseases.

“It’s still quite important even if you don’t need to be hospitalized. Moderate illness always includes pneumonia. “

Not all young victims have underlying health issues. In Italy, 10 to 15% of intensive care patients are under the age of 50, and in Korea, one in six deaths is under the age of 60.

Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Officer, Emergency Program, World Health Organization
Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Officer, Emergency Program, World Health OrganizationChristopher Black / WHO / Document to be distributed via REUTERS

Although it was initially reported that the people most likely to die were the elderly or people with underlying health conditions, the CDC reported that almost 20% of severe cases were aged 20 to 44 years in the United States.

“The contemptuous attitude” that only the elderly or the already sick should worry about death or hospitalization has pushed young people to ignore the pandemic, says Mike Ryan, executive director of the emergency program. WHO.

“We collectively live in a world where we have tried to convince ourselves that this disease is mild in young people and more serious in older people, and therein lies the problem,” he said.


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