More cases of rare syndrome in children reported worldwide | Society


Doctors around the world have reported more cases of a rare but life-threatening inflammatory syndrome in children that appears to be linked to coronavirus infections.

Nearly 100 cases of this unusual disease have appeared in at least six countries, with doctors in Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland having now investigated the disease.

The first cases were revealed this week when the NHS issued a pediatrician alert regarding a number of children admitted to intensive care units with a mixture of toxic shock and a disease known as Kawasaki disease, a an inflammatory disorder that affects blood vessels, the heart, and other organs. So far, 19 children have been affected in the UK and none have died.

French Health Minister Olivier Veran said Wednesday that there are more than a dozen children with inflammation around the heart, and that there is not enough evidence to prove a link. with the coronavirus, he said the cases were taken “very seriously”. “

Veran told France radio that he had received an alert from Paris concerning “around 15 children of all ages”, adding that other cases have been reported in Spain, Italy and Switzerland. He listed the following symptoms: fever, digestive problems, and vascular inflammation.

In the United States, at least three children aged six months to eight years are treated for a similar condition. Mark Gorelik, a specialist treating patients at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, said that all of them had fever and inflammation of the heart and intestines. “For the moment, we are trying at the very beginning to understand what this represents,” he told Reuters. Gorelik believes that the cases are not Kawasaki disease but a similar condition that shares a common cause, namely an infectious agent that triggers an immune response.


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