Mom shares a fridge hack that will make your food last longer while locking


The UK remains under coronavirus control, with people only able to leave home to go to work if they can’t do it from home, buy essentials and exercise for an hour a day.

As such, you are probably limiting the number of times you go to the supermarket to stock up on food.

If you’re trying to use everything in your fridge right now and get the ingredients a little further, a mom has a handy solution for you.

By posting on The Pantry Mama’s Facebook page, the woman revealed an incredibly simple way to make food jars last longer and keep them from going moldy.

All you have to do is store the jars upside down in the fridge.

Yes really.

The parent explained, “A great tip for preventing food in jars from getting moldy once you open it is to store it upside down in the refrigerator.

“It seals them and keeps them from deteriorating, saving you time and money. “

Mum recommends putting the pots upside down

Many thanked her for sharing the advice, another mom confirming that it works.

“I did this with my last jar of tomato paste and crossed a whole jar before it got moldy,” she said.

And she’s not the only one who agrees.

Cathy Moir, senior consultant in food microbiology at CSIRO Agriculture and Food, told MailOnline that this tip works well with pots of pasta sauces and salsa – something thick.

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“By turning the pot upside down, this surface where a mold may have landed when you opened the pot is now crushed against the lid without much air and it will be more difficult to cultivate it,” said the expert. .

Moir added that to make the jars last even longer, you should try to use a clean spoon every time you immerse them in the jar.

She also recommends leaving the lid closed for as little time as possible when using it.


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