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One mom shared how she feared for the life of her three-year-old son after being hospitalized with symptoms of a terrifying rare syndrome related to coronavirus.

Hayley Grix says she followed her instincts and rushed the three-year-old little Marley to the hospital when she realized the boy’s condition was spiraling.

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    His mom feared for his life5
His mom feared for his lifeCredit: Hayley Grix
    Little Harley has since been released5
Little Harley has since been releasedCredit: Hayley Grix

Marley initially complained of a neckache on Easter Monday, but Mom Hayley didn’t think about it – assuming he slept funny, she told the BBC.

But over the next week, Marley’s aching neck turned into a host of horrible symptoms, including diarrhea, stomach pain, and temperature.

“It just got worse and worse,” said Hayley.

The terrified mom was in constant contact with her GPs, phoning and video calling everyday as Marley became more and more ill.

By Friday this week, Marley had developed a “roaring temperature” with bright red hands and feet, swollen glands and bloodshot eyes.

“I followed my instinct”

Hayley new, she had to act quickly.

She said, “It was terrifying. I called the general practitioner again, but decided to take him to the hospital. I followed my instincts. “

Doctors suspected Marley of having a rare condition associated with a bad reaction to the coronavirus.

Doctors have warned of an increase in the number of children who would end up in intensive care with a life-threatening inflammatory syndrome, similar to toxic shock syndrome.

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NHS bosses were so worried that they sent an urgent alert to doctors over the weekend to warn of an increase in the number of cases in recent weeks.

Matt Hancock confirmed today that some children have tragically died from a disease “which we believe is caused by the coronavirus”.


Hancock said, “This is a new and fresh disease that we think could be caused by the coronavirus and Covid-19 virus.

“We are not 100% sure because some of the people who got it had not tested positive.

“We are doing a lot of research now, but that is something that worries us. What I would also like to point out is that it is rare. “

As the Secretary of Health mentioned, Marley was actually tested negative for the coronavirus – but his symptoms were linked to Kawasaki disease.

The disease mimics the symptoms of the mysterious disease that doctors believe is caused by the coronavirus.


NHS doctors have been asked to watch for signs of an “inflammatory syndrome” in children after an increase in the number of new cases.

Health leaders said in an alert to general practitioners that the signs were:

  • Stomach pain
  • gastrointestinal symptoms – such as vomiting and diarrhea

The mysterious condition has been compared to toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease.

The signs of TSS are:

  • high temperature
  • flu-like symptoms, such as headache, feeling cold, body aches, sore throat, and cough
  • feel and be sick
  • diarrhea
  • generalized rash
  • lips, tongue and whites of the eyes turning bright red
  • dizziness or fainting
  • difficulty breathing
  • confusion

Signs of Kawaski’s disease include:

  • skin rash
  • swollen glands in the neck
  • dry, chapped lips
  • red fingers or toes
  • red eyes

Little Marley has since left the hospital, but Hayley urged other parents to act if they think their children may be suffering from a similar illness.

She said, “All I can do is share this message. Immediately ask for help if your child is not feeling well and your gut is telling you that something is wrong. You know your child.

“I know people are reluctant to go to the hospital because of the coronavirus. You might think you are doing them a favor by keeping them at home, but if they are really sick, you should seek help. “

    Marley first complained of neck pain


Marley first complained of neck painCredit: Hayley Grix
    Young had temperature, swollen hands and feet and bloodshot eyes


Young had temperature, swollen hands and feet and bloodshot eyesCredit: Hayley Grix
    He got progressively sicker within a week


He got progressively sicker over the course of a weekCredit: Hayley Grix


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