Mom marries Greek waiter after dancing with him at first wedding


A mom of two married a dancing Greek waiter – after meeting him during her first marriage.

Natalie Perry, of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, and now husband Fred Kasa first laid eyes on the tavern where he worked in Crete.

The 37-year-old woman had just married her first husband at a ceremony on the beach, before their startling reception at a nearby restaurant.

Photos from the evening in 2012 show bride Natalie and Fred, now 36, holding hands while doing the traditional “Zorba” dance with a group of family and friends.

Five years later, she revisited the restaurant after she and her husband separated in 2016.

The two instantly recognized each other and after a swirling vacation romance became a couple, reports the Daily Star.

The dancing couple at Natalie’s first marriage in 2012

Natalie and her first husband separated in 2016

On February 8, they tied the knot and exchanged the Zorba – during which people hold their arms and kick each other – for a first dance as husband and wife.

“I still can’t believe my husband danced with me at my two weddings,” says Natalie.

“It’s just crazy to think that when I danced with him the first time I married my ex-husband, I was going to marry him.

“It’s funny how life can turn out. “

Natalie, who has been in Crete every year for 25 years, says she noticed that Fred was watching her as soon as she returned to the tavern.

Fred serves a drink at Natalie’s first wedding

“We went back to the Greek tavern because the kids loved to break the plates and dance on the street,” she explains.

“That night, the Greek dancer looked at me, I could feel his eyes.

“I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and he came up to me and we started chatting.

“I went back to the table I was talking to my mom with and said he asked me to go out. She went to him and gave him my name and number. He asked me for coffee the next day.

The couple got married in February

“We clicked right away. I recognized him immediately before, I knew it was him. When we went out for coffee, Fred remembered my marriage and started talking about it. “

The two started and spent the rest of the week together until Natalie had to return to the UK.

“I knew she was the one I wanted to marry. The feeling was crazy, ”says Fred.

“Now she is my wife, I am so happy and we are so happy together.” “

After they ended up in Athens for a vacation, Fred surprised his future wife by turning the doorstep with flowers.

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He proposed six months after the couple moved in together in December 2017, to Natalie’s parents.

They booked their wedding as soon as Fred was allowed to marry through the Home Office, and now hope to spend the honeymoon where they first met, in Crete.

Natalie added, “I always thought he was beautiful. He’s the one I’ve been waiting for all my life. ”


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