Mom dies during labor after being tested positive for coronavirus


Mother died at Whittington Hospital, London after giving birth (Photo: Rex)

A mother with Covid-19 died during labor, leaving hospital workers “in tears”.

The mother died at Whittington Hospital in Archway, north London, and it is not yet known if she had underlying health conditions.

Her baby survived and was not tested positive for the virus. The woman’s family was “devastated” by her shock death.

An investigation into the mother’s death has since been opened by the coroner.

Mother reportedly tested positive for coronavirus (Photo:

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A source told The Sun: “Amid all the trauma observed in our hospital departments by our NHS heroes, this tragedy has completely trapped the staff.

“There is a huge sense of disbelief at the injustice of this devastating death.

“Hospital executives were in tears. The only consolation is that the baby survived the mother’s death. ”

The source described the tragedy as “very irregular”, adding that the coronavirus “has not yet been eliminated as the cause of his death”.

Whittington Health NHS Trust said, “This case has been referred to the coroner for cause of death.”

Baby tested positive for Covid-19 just after birth at North Middlesex Hospital (Photo: Getty)

The news comes after a newborn baby in London became the youngest person in the UK to test positive for the virus in the past month.

The mother was allegedly rushed to North Middlesex Hospital in Enfield, suspected of pneumonia a few days earlier. It is understood that she did not learn of her diagnosis until just after giving birth.

The mother and baby are treated in separate hospitals – the baby remains in North Middlesex, while the mother has been transferred to a hospital specializing in infections.

Doctors are trying to find out how the baby got the virus – whether in the womb or during childbirth.

A total of 5,373 people have died in the UK after being tested positive for the virus, while there are 51,608 confirmed cases.

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