Mom dies days after developing coronavirus symptoms – while son fights for life in hospital


A beloved mom died just days after developing symptoms of Covid-19 – while her son is fighting for his life in the hospital with a coronavirus.

Tributes were paid to community volunteer Linda Tuppen, who died on Saturday March 28, five days after she started to feel sick.

The 66-year-old woman took care of her son Rob, who contracted Covid-19 after returning from Krakow earlier this month, before falling ill herself.

Linda, who was well known as vice president of Astley Bridge Neighborhood Watch, started complaining about a lung infection on Monday, March 23.

Her symptoms escalated into pain in her sinuses and she stayed in bed all day the following Thursday and Friday.

His son, software engineer Rob, of Astley Bridge, Bolton, was so worried about his mother that he called 111.

But Linda, a beloved former teacher and maternal nurse, refused to talk to them and said she just wanted to sleep.

Linda with her two sons, James, 23, left, and Rob, 28, right
Linda with her two sons, James, 23, left, and Rob, 28, right

Tragically, he went to see her the next morning and found that she had died.

Rob, 28, said, “I was panicking, she was just lying there, and I yelled” mom, mom “, but she didn’t answer.

“I was doing chest compressions until the ambulance arrived. I was still in the room when he came and said she was gone.

“It’s devastating, we lost our father in 2008, so we’re pretty much alone now.

“It was a kind and loving woman who adored me, James and she would have done everything for us.

“She always said that we were her life. She would do anything for anyone. “

Linda’s youngest son James, 23, was admitted to Coronavirus Hospital on Sunday, where he remains.

Rob said his mother suffered from asthma before he died.

He said, “This is serious. It’s not a joke, it could happen to anyone.

Linda with her eldest son Rob, 28, who believes he contracted a coronavirus after returning from Krakow
Linda with her eldest son Rob, 28, who believes he contracted a coronavirus after returning from Krakow

“They were fine when I came back, but then I got sick and they took me because my mother was looking after me while I was sick.

“She was putting a cloth over her mouth, but it clearly didn’t work. “

At his peak, Rob described feeling so exhausted from the coronavirus that he almost passed out from his bed at his door.

He said, “Your temperature is very high, so you’re constantly cold and shivering, then other times, you’re basically roasting and you have to take off your coat.

“You have a very high fever and I was constantly freezing in bed or roasting to the point where I just had to take off all my clothes because I was so hot.

“The cough is really bad, when you cough, you feel like you can’t stop.

“Your body is in pain and even the smallest of tasks, like going to the bathroom, is one of the most difficult things you can do.

“It got to the point where I was really dehydrated and couldn’t eat for a week.

“And because I wasn’t eating, when I got up, I felt like I was going to pass out.

“I should run from the toilet to my room, which is about five steps, because I felt like I was going to pass out.”

A fundraising page has been created to help Rob and James get through this devastating period.

Anyone interested in making a donation can follow the link by clicking here.


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