Mom catches COVID-19 after her date


A Sydney mom revealed how she got coronavirus after a date with a man who had a “dry cough”.

Amie Morris fell ill for several weeks with COVID-19, her condition worsening on Day 15 when she was rushed to hospital due to breathing difficulties.

But the hardest thing of all for the 38-year-old woman was not being able to see her two children while battling the life-threatening disease.

Ms. Morris told that when she went to her date four weeks ago, she never imagined that catching coronavirus was a possibility, as none of them had recently went abroad.

“At that time, it just didn’t come to your mind, it was just nothing,” she said. “And even if he coughed and we joked and I said, ‘ugh I hope it’s not corona’, like a joke … I didn’t even think it could be (that) . “

Two days after Ms. Morris’ appointment, she woke up with a sore throat and over the next few days developed fever, headache, nausea, body aches and lost her sense taste and smell, before being tested positive for coronavirus.

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By that time, the coronavirus pandemic had progressed rapidly in Australia and abroad, leaving Ms. Morris scared of the diagnosis.

“I think I was also in shock,” she said. “I was like how is it possible? Like, among all the people in the world, how did I get it? I just couldn’t understand. “

Fortunately, Ms. Morris’ children were with their father when she fell ill and did not get the virus as a result, however, being separated from her loved ones while battling the coronavirus was “horrible.”

“It was horrible, it was the most upsetting,” she said.

“The most important thing is human contact, I think, because I have my parents here and they are older and I just didn’t want to give them to them. So I desperately tried to really avoid leaving my room, and if I did, I wore a mask and gloves. My mother whitened everything I touched. “

Ms. Morris spent more than two weeks fighting the coronavirus in isolation before being taken to hospital with breathing difficulties.

“I had another positive test on day 13 and was really in the dumps after that. I just wanted it to go away and I really hoped it would be clear by then, “she said.

“Two days later I woke up and couldn’t catch my breath. I felt a little dizzy because I didn’t have enough air and I was scared enough. ”

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At the hospital, an x-ray of his chest and a blood test showed that his lungs were inflamed, but luckily there was no damage.

Ms. Morris was sent home to continue her recovery and finally, after three long weeks, she was able to defeat the coronavirus for good.

She is now encouraging people to follow the government’s social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

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“Fortunately for me, I immediately isolated myself, so no one caught the infection from me, I contained it,” she said.

“I think that’s why it’s so important and one of the most important things I’ve said before is following the rules because it works.

“Everyone moans, ‘I can’t go out, I can’t see people’, but you know it’s a short time to do it and I just didn’t want to pass it on to my parents or to the kids, and you’re just going to sacrifice this. “

As for his date, which has since returned home to Europe after his job offer in Australia failed due to a coronavirus, Ms. Morris said the two had become friends and linked by their common symptoms.

“We chatted and touched the base … (we are) a bit at the opposite ends of the earth now, so I don’t think we’re going to get married anytime soon,” she joked.

More than 5,900 Australians have been diagnosed with a coronavirus, with 50 people now dead from the virus.


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