“Modern Family” Recap: Series Final – Season 11 Episode 18


ABC Modern family – who won the Emmy award for best comedy five years in a row – wrapped up his 11-season season Wednesday night with an hour-long finale. Have you heard the farewells from Dunphy-Pritchetts?

Final of the series 'Modern Family' - ABCThe first half hour found Phil and Claire alive and loving the RV life, after relocating to a mobile home in their own driveway now that the home itself has become overcrowded with Haley, Dylan and the twins, Luke and an Alex back. The story was by far the strongest of this half hour, especially since we witnessed the gravity of life inside the house, with baby formula and croutons for cereals from breakfast. After the kids had crushed their cozy camper breakfast with bacon, Claire (and Phil) said someone had to leave the house. Of course, each of the children shrank from the idea … and of course, they all finally decided to move out – to work in Switzerland with new handsome / boss Arvin (Alex), go to University of Oregon (Luke) and live in a million dollar apartment ( Haley & Co.).

Elsewhere, Mitch and Cam rejoiced in their new home and new baby, whom they named Rexford (after the street where they now live). Their housewarming party, however, got a hiccup just as the guests arrived, Cam was offered the coveted college football coach position, northeast of central Missouri (or something). Cam tried to keep a lid on his dispute, but eventually broke out in front of everyone. Later, in their basement karaoke room, Mitch assured Cam that he was A-OK-ish to take the plunge – mostly once they realized that Sal, crazy and sticky was living on the street and had large plan to spend a lot of time together.

Meanwhile, the first half C-story implied that Gloria felt less need in her household now that she was the working spouse / parent, but Jay encouraged her to seize this moment and enjoy her career .

Final of the modern family seriesIn the second half hour, Mitch, Cam and their family are already excited (back) and at Claire’s to say goodbye to everyone … only to be delayed by a tornado. And then by a flood, with locusts. Once they finally make leave the house, they catch the others taking a family photo on the stairs without them. Laconic words are about to be exchanged … when a Missouri hailstorm further delays things.

During this latest delay, Claire and Mitchell plotted to steal their skating rink trophy that Jay gave back to him years ago because they were fighting. This led the siblings to revise their ice dance routine, only to realize that it was a lot more sexual than they remember. Meanwhile, Alex and Haley conspired to play with Luke one last time, tricking him into dressing up as “Woofie the Dog” to “recreate” a ruined personal video. At Jay’s place, his recent behavior apart has led Gloria to fear growing old and hearing loss, when in reality he was secretly learning to speak Spanish.

MODERN FAMILYAfter Jay has encouraged Phil to consider her own next chapter in life, Phil suggests that Claire take a cross country ski trip in the camper, getting selfies with each MLB mascot – and she’s on board for that! Later, they longingly watch Haley, Alex and Luke all pack their things and wipe out 25 years of madness from home. What are they going to do now, Claire wonders. “Leave the porch light on,” says Phil. ” They come back. And after Jay revealed to Gloria his surprise fluency in Spanish and his intention to join her and Joe in Colombia for the summer, the family finally poses for this elusive selfie.

And as we catch sight of everyone embarking on their new lives, Jay’s closing voice-over says:

Life is full of changes – some big, some small. I learned a long time ago that you can fight or you can make the most of it. And it’s much easier if you have people who love you who help you cope with everything in life. At least that’s what helps me sleep at night.

While the Dunphy and Pritchett houses turned off their lights one last time. No end of story, no Suzanne Pleshette, no snow globe, no presentation of a Dutch documentary team. Just… a warm, sweet ending.


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