Mock 2.0: a new name at number 1


One day from the CFL 2020 draft,’s Marshall Ferguson is back with his second and last simulated draft.

In his first edition, Ferguson saw the Calgary Stampeders take offensive lineman Carter O’Donnell with the first overall selection. This time, he made a difference and there is a new # 1 choice in town.

While it may be unfair that he is the only CFL athlete to combine capable of posting breathtaking numbers in 2020 due to the CFL Ontario regional combined schedule, there is no doubt that Jordan Williams would have remained one of the real stars of the spring draft process.

When you write with the first overall choice and make the decision to choose a player who should be readily available from day one, you don’t just want an average player or someone you could have picked up with a later choice, you want the most game -changing player available and Williams is that in this class.

Alex Singleton was a revelation in the defense of the Stampeders thanks to his intelligence and recognition for linebacker, but he finds it hard to compare to Williams’ crude athleticism. If Williams is combined with Nate Holley’s most notable rookie in 2019, he could quickly win in chemistry and they could become the most dynamic mid-weak linebacker tandem in the CFL.

I think the Argos could get right to the point and take wide receiver Dejon Brissett here, but if they go to the offensive line without a real natural starting substitute for Sean McEwen lost to the Stampeders, I could see the Argos become the best available for a guard-gaurd swing protector with athleticism capable of becoming a tight end in six line player sets.

I think Jack-Kurdyla is that player because my other top-rated blocker Ketel Asse has more body type Shane Richards, which the Argos took with first place in the 2019 draft.

This place here is really the swing vote of the first two hours of the CFL draft Thursday evening. If Ed Hervey wants to take an additional advantage, he will have to choose between Adeyemi-Berglund and Mason Bennett of North Dakota. I think that the dynamism and the imposing construction of Adeyemi-Berglund, combined with its relentless pursuit of anyone crazy enough to try to escape, are worthy of this place.

Appointing an offensive lineman here makes sense for a team having protection problems from last season, but Mike Reilly is in winning mode now and developing an already relatively young group with another rookie thrown in injury does not seem to be the plan.

GM Brock Sunderland and his team did such a good job of developing national talent and depth that I could see the Esks using their second pick from the 4th straight to capture even more talent to pair with Boateng and Betts. This group is already skilled, and getting three high-end pass rushers in the field at once, or even in a healthy rotation is difficult.

Ketel Asse has a prototypical size and excellent footwork. His recognition and ability to react to rushers from all angles suggests that he could play multiple positions in a moment of need and as we saw last year, the Esks go as far as – a healthy one – Trevor Harris can take them.

If the Argos don’t jump on Brissett in both places, I see him landing in Hamilton as a natural wide side receiver. Mike Jones is a very talented player who has had plenty of opportunities to get past the drops and fight football with his top speed, but the fall and subsequent adjustment that removed Jones from the Gray Cup probably sealed his dark fate and gold as it was not. Was not re-signed in the first two months of free agency.

Hamilton could use this Manziel bonus to immediately get a premium receiver with roots local enough to learn Tommy Condell’s CFL game and potentially become more than a wide side receiver.

At six feet five inches and 295 pounds, Woodmansey looks very much like an offensive lineman in the first round and has huge fundamentals. He finishes each blow very hard and rarely loses head-to-head. 6th overall may be too big with names to follow still available and Ottawa may not even want to be a lineman this year, but I liked his demeanor, finish and availability enough to believe Woodmansey was integrates here with another Ottawa pick coming quickly to 10th place.

Why not add another layer of protection and assurance for Nick Arbuckle here with the choice used to trade his rights.

Last year, the Saskatchewan Roughriders drafted Justin McInnis and Brayden Lenius with their top two picks. This year, they choose here and no longer – except exchange – up to the 30th in total. In free agency, Saskatchewan lost former pick Dariusz Bladek and commercial acquisition Philip Blake in Toronto. As a result, this choice shouts “get something tangible” to me.

Mattland Riley is a six-foot-three, 300-pound player from Melfort, Saskatchewan, and should quickly be ready for the CFL in all interior positions. It would fit in with the theme of upgrading an aging offensive line to be ready for a starting role by next season, and many years beyond.

I played with the Bombers negotiating here to catch Vincent Massey, but I just don’t know if Winnipeg general manager Kyle Walters wants to spend the kind of capital he would need to pick up Bennett. Bennett could immediately make Bombers fans forget the loss of Jonathan Kongbo, whose stellar rookie season led to a quick release and signing in San Francisco with the 49ers.

For the Ticat, if the choice of catcher is taken care of in the fifth of the general classification, they can bring Bennett alongside Julian Howsare at the end against Ja’Gared Davis, Dylan Wynn and Ted Laurent and add a national rotation to a substitution set of seven before already diversified. . If Laurent came out of the field on the 2nd and along, Bennett might be able to find a standing player role in a fast pass role until he becomes a player whenever the opportunity arises.

Hoecht really looks like a guy from Brent Johnson. With Laurier’s Robbie Smith having had an exhibition rookie season after being drafted ninth overall by Double Blue last year, the Argos could invest more in this Ontario native who should be reliable for a while once he reaches the CFL after a look with the NFL LA Rams.
Antoine Pruneau remains a talented CFL security guard who steals football for RED and BLACK in the best and worst moments, but he does not get younger and I wonder what types of covers and blitz the new defensive coordinator Mike Benevides could command with several skill player like Adam Auclair at his disposal.

If Toronto prioritizes online play, there should still be great options available for Pinball and John Murphy of the 11th pick. O’Leary-Orange has been locked in a 4.45-second 40m dash with hands, course and NCAA in recent days. It’s not T.J. Jones but paired with Juwan Brescacin, the Argos would have a great tandem with a big body to give Matt Nichols or McLeod Bethel-Thompson options in second and long.

With the first two receivers missing and a first elite rusher on board, the Lions find another target here for Mike Reilly. John’s size and peak ability guarantee he won’t last until the Lions’s next pick in 23rd place.

I doubt Carter O’Donnell is getting to that point, but getting a signing bonus of $ 25,000 from the Indianapolis Colts gave me enough time to get it from the first to the start of the second round, Edmonton being the ideal person.

Literally, any team would be wise to take O’Donnell before this point and hope it will happen someday, but it makes the most sense for Calgary or Edmonton, who will likely have the best shot at signing the exhibition game. Golden Bears in free agency. the road. With Asse in the first round as a premium insurance policy, if O’Donnell were to stay in the South, the risk in terms of value and position made sense.

I spoke to Danny Maciocia last year at U-SPORTS East-West Bowl and he shined about Marc-Antoine Dequoy. All he has done since then is go faster, help win another Dunsmore for Maciocie and get a contract with the NFL.

It is certainly risky that the first choice in the Maciocia Alouettes’ mandate is on a player he might not soon see, especially after the opening press conference of Maciocia was underlined by his admission that he there is not a lot of project capital passed on for it to work, but that would send a strong message that if you are one of the best RSEQ players available, the Alouettes are not only interested, they are invested. This is a theme that Maciocia talked about when she was hired and strengthened through the February free dance.

It is a selection defining culture and identity that goes far beyond competence and schema.

In 2014, Derek Wiggan of the Queen’s Gaels was to win the CFL draft and Calgary won the big, powerful man with the 34th pick. Wiggan was a safe, smart and stable choice capable of creating a solid inner push on the quarter face while rarely putting his hands in the wrong place or his head on the wrong side of a blocker in the racing game.

It’s Cam Lawson.

Davis came on my radar dramatically after seeing a three-bag performance against Guelph in a 12-10 Gee-Gees win. At six feet four inches and 243 pounds, he would add to the well-developed leading group of Bo Banner (19th in 2018) and Nate Anderson (16th in 2019) in Montreal.

He looks like former Ticat goalkeeper Craig Butler, who remains on the Hamilton coaching staff. He was coached by Mike Daly, a free security ace from the Ticat and special teams. He played his college ball in Hamilton and he just came down to London.

The stars have lined up here if the Ticat want Hallett and they could be smart to take him before Winnipeg can get their first selection in 18th place as the Blue and Gold take advantage of the massive performance of the editor’s special teams of the Toronto Varsity Blues Nick Hallett in 2019.

Nick is Noah’s brother and the two train together at home during the pandemic. At Noah, the Bombers could gain immediate influence from Nick’s special teams with a bigger defense advantage that could become starting security in the years to come, but not if Hamilton has a say.

I can’t understand why Andrew Seinet-Spaulding didn’t get more love in this spring project. Everything he did was named to the RSEQ All-Star Team in 2019 after dominating the league in loss tackles (13.5) and quarterback bags (7).

The six-foot, 292-pound player from Pierrefonds, QC, made 27.5 tackles in eight games, was named All-Canadian and became only the third McGill player in school history at win the JP Metras Trophy as the most remarkable downline player in the Canadian college. football follows in the footsteps of Randy Chevrier (2000) and current Super Bowl champion / world class doctor Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (2013).

19th overall for a guy they will probably never see? Yes.

Here is the reasoning. Ottawa’s talent level for this selection of territorial projects is not great. If Gallimore never plays in Canada, RED and BLACK cannot allow him to be in colors other than their own and this territorial selection is really only a bonus choice to improve after a bad year, so why not not play with money and rewards should he ever go home?

The other players who could land here are Carleton RB Nate Carter, Towson LB Malik Tyne and Brown DL Micheal Hoecht (although he probably won’t exceed 12th pick).

The alternative here is that the REDs and BLACKs could defer the territorial choice to later rounds and spot an Ottawa player they want, but not at a second round price. Again, the simple answer with value seems to be the writing of the Oklahoma monster who automatically becomes a younger and more agile Ted Laurent.

For the Argos’ fourth choice in the first two rounds, they can buy insurance on the national catcher position or possibly go with a deep lineman on either side of the ball, like Laurier’s Samuel Acheampong, but I like Schaffer- Baker.

The Mississauga native is six feet four inches and 200 pounds and has dynamic ball tracking. If he doesn’t come here to Toronto, I don’t see him coming out of the third round for a team like Edmonton, Hamilton or British Columbia.

Jesse Palmer is the historic benchmark in 15th place for the Alouettes and Michael O’Connor is the last marker in 20th place for the Argonauts last year. Rourke could go over both, but is more likely to pass between them or right after.

Rourke’s NCAA pedigree is good, but it’s the delivery, the solid build and the good delivery timing that I like most. Calgary acquired this choice in the Arbuckle trade with Ottawa. Use it to pick up the next Andrew Buckley who could become much, much more for you on the road when Bo Levi Mitchell is finished.

A tackling machine with a true linebacker line and mentality to support the depth chart around the Canadian superstar. Therefore, Muamba, Cassar feels like one of the sneaky fashionable choices of this class of the year. which will immediately make a difference on special teams.

You are more likely to find a comparable size in WWE for Giffen than in the CFL. At six feet eight inches and well beyond three tickets, Giffen’s size may be ready to get out of his position and change direction, but once he has firmly got hold of the rep, it is finished.

It’s exactly the kind of eraser the Lions could have used last year during Mark’s Labor Day weekend to fight injuries, bad play and endless line shuffling.

I’m not criticizing someone for a stupid decision that Pinto admits to having postponed his year project for a drug offense. His post-capture yards are among the best in this catcher category, and his blocking skills have improved considerably since his first days of football with the Toronto Wildcats.

If Trivel enters the camp and silently works on his craft, the Esks could get the whole project stolen if it lasts in the third round.

From one reporting year carried over from Thunderbird to another, Katsantonis had a simple supplement error. Stavros has the best natural sense of ball location in the CFL 2020 defensive draft class.
Acheampong, a star team on the 2019 OUA first team, has a solid length of six feet five inches and 247 pounds and would be good depth to add to Cam Lawson’s previous pick.
Originally from Hamilton with an infinite amount of field production, Ternowski is simply the nicest road runner among eligible U SPORTS receivers and deserves the chance to prove that his smaller frame will not hold the same production to reappear at the CFL level.
A great athletic monster with track records worthy of a Google search to understand how unique he is, Johnson is an immediate presence with Argos special teams in roughly the same setting as former Queen Nelkas Kwemo’s LB. The idea that McMaster graduate Declan Cross stand alongside Kayden is about as big as the national tandems.
As playmaker whenever the ball approaches him, Bleska’s energy and quick drive put him in the discussion for the best defensive player on a talented Mustang team.
Summach is a monster depth choice to pair with U SPORTS teammate Mattland Riley in the first round.
Dheilly is a tweener body type who will either need to add a little weight to survive as a defensive end and gain access to his natural rushing skills or improve movement skills in the open field to validate the assignment as WIL linebacker and special teammate.
Philip is a big addition of body depth to an Esks team looking to find answers to linebacker rotations and special team contributors.
Maciocia. If you recruited them and they played well for you, wouldn’t you invest here in the fourth round?
At Fort Erie, Ont. native, Gangarossa is six feet six inches tall and helped Wagner RB Ryan Fulse in one of the best precipitation seasons in school history.
With additional depth around last year’s McInnis and Lenius priority choices, Kellogg can embark on a skill similar to Kian Schaffer-Baker, who had been picked 15 times earlier.
Hamilton could prioritize Liegghio – or any other kicker for that matter – much sooner, but if they are the only team in desperate need after compatriot Mustangs, former Lirim Hajrullahu, leaves for LA Rams, maybe they can wait until the fourth round to make that decision. leather shredder multifaceted foot.
From Canada Prep in Calgary and now the Gray Blue Bombers Cup champion, I could see Winnipeg taking the five-foot-11 inch, the Vanier Cup champion as hope for free safety or strong special teams.
To choose Team Player Position School
38 Ottawa Colton Klassen REC / RB Saskatchewan
39 Winnipeg Jesse Lawson OL Carleton
40 Before Christ Theren Churchill OL Regina
41 Edmonton Liam O’Brien FB SMU
42 Toronto Brock Gowanlock DL Manitoba
43 Before Christ Oludotun Aketepe DB Guelph
44 Saskatchewan Malik Tyne KG Towson
45 Hamilton Brian Harelimana KG Montreal
46 Winnipeg Jakub Szott OL McMaster
To choose Team Player Position School
47 Ottawa Dev lamour DB Buffalo
48 Toronto Trey Humes RB Western
49 Montreal Bailey Feltmate KG Acadia
50 Edmonton Nicolas Oppong OL Mount Allison
51 Montreal Benjamin carre DB McGill
52 Calgary Samuel Lefebvre OL Laval
53 Saskatchewan Chase Claypool REC our Lady
54 Hamilton Graydon Campbell DT William & Mary
55 Winnipeg Macho Bockru REC Manitoba
To choose Team Player Position School
56 Ottawa Xander Tachinski REC McMaster
57 Edmonton Skye king DL York
58 Before Christ Brian Hope K / P Saint Mary’s
59 Edmonton Aaron Chabaylo KG Alberta
60 Montreal J.J. Molson K UCLA
61 Calgary Oliver grant OL Acadia
62 Saskatchewan Dion Pellerin RB Waterloo
63 Hamilton Stéphane Tanguay OL Simon Fraser
64 Winnipeg Rory Kelly DB Acadia
To choose Team Player Position School
65 Ottawa Kurtis Gray KG Waterloo
66 Toronto Nolan putt DB McMaster
67 Before Christ Johnathan Femi-Cole RB Western
68 Edmonton Brett Ellerman REC Western
69 Montreal Adam Sinagra QB Calgary
70 Calgary Alex Saltychev DB Western
71 Saskatchewan Cordell hastings REC Acadia
72 Hamilton Jonathan Zamora OL St. FX
73 Winnipeg Max Bataar DL Calgary


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