MLBPA sets up fund for non-aligned players, including 11 at Blue Jays camp


TORONTO – Non-aligned players, including 11 invited to Toronto Blue Jays, are eligible for payments starting at $ 5,000 and increasing to $ 50,000 as part of a board approved new player union assistance fund association executive on Friday.

Tony Clark, the executive director of MLBPA, lobbied for the program to cover players trapped in the gray area between the major and minor leagues, which are not covered by last week’s Major League Baseball deal.

The deal guaranteed a salary advance of about $ 170 million to players of 40 players, while Major League Baseball then extended weekly payments of $ 400 to minor league players until the end of May. .

Many non-aligned players have years of experience in the major leagues – and have paid years of union dues – and some would have gained jobs during spring training, but were not lucky. Any player with at least one day in the big leagues and at camp on March 13 is eligible for the supplement, as well as the weekly allowance of $ 400 for the minor leagues.

Union payments are voluntary rather than guaranteed since some players who are financially secure should not apply (for example, Felix Hernandez, with $ 217 million in career income). The amounts are based on the service time accumulated in the majors:

∙ 1 day – 1 year: $ 5,000

∙ 1-2 years: $ 7,500

∙ 2-3 years: $ 15,000

∙ 3-6 years: $ 25,000

∙ 6 years and over: $ 50,000

Left-hander Marc Rzepczynski (8,047) and Ruben Tejada (6,004) are the only players in the Blue Jays camp eligible for the $ 50,000. Caleb Joseph (5.020), Jake Petricka (5.020), Justin Miller (3.083) and Ryan Dull (3.022) qualify for $ 25,000, while A.J. Cole (2,124) can win $ 15,000. Brian Moran (1,027) qualified for $ 7,500 while Travis Bergen (146 days), Canadian Phillippe Aumont (133 days) and Andy Burns (36 days) are each eligible for $ 5,000.

Patrick Kivlehan (1,036) would have been eligible for $ 7,500 but was assigned to the minor league camp on March 10, missing the document by three days.

Joe Panik, an unregistered guest who signed a minor league contract in January, was added to the roster of 40 players on March 15, making him eligible for the MLB pay advance.


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