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Mississippi state football player plans to transfer


Purchase a photoFabien Lovett, olive branch (Photo: Keith Warren, Keith Warren)

When Mississippi football player Fabien Lovett saw Mike Leach’s tweet with a joking image of a woman knitting a noose for her husband, the defensive lineman sent a screenshot to his father.

Lovett was upset and even reacted publicly to the tweet Wednesday evening on his Twitter account, typing “wtf”.

The next day, the father and son discussed the coach’s meme and the player’s future in Starkville. Lovett then spoke with coaching staff from the state of Mississippi.

Lovett’s father Abdual Lovett decided on Friday that his son should leave the program and the 6-foot-4, 310-pound athlete agreed that he was finished with the state of Mississippi. Lovett filled out the necessary documents through the university and announced his decision to post to Twitter.

The father said he questioned Leach’s ability to lead because he said “anytime.”

“I didn’t feel comfortable that my son was there with a guy like that from a leadership standpoint – that you can just throw anything away,” Abdual told Clarion Ledger on Saturday . “I feel that if he can do it, the kids will feel like they can do it. “


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The Mississippi State sports department declined to comment on the situation and Lovett’s father’s comments.

Leach had deleted the tweet and posted an apology on his Twitter account for anyone who found the post offensive. For Abdual Lovett, the public apologies, which arrived a day before his son entered the transfer portal, were too little, too late.

“If you did [feel sincere], you would try to address your team, your kids who have a problem with it, “said the father, adding that several players were bothered by the meme.

One of the Mississippi state coaches sent Leach’s number to Abdual Lovett so the two could talk, but the father didn’t want to reach out to Leach.

“If he was sincere about it, he should at least call me instead of the other way around,” he said of Leach. “At least send an SMS if you can’t call me. He didn’t call, unlike these other coaches who are trying to recruit [Fabien]. ”

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Although many people viewed Leach’s meme as a marriage joke, Abdual Lovett said that a noose had negative connotations in the eyes of many black people in America.

According to the NAACP, Mississippi had the highest number of lynchings in the country from 1882 to 1968 with 581. During this period, blacks represented 72.7% of the victims in the United States.

Fabien Lovett, who stayed in an apartment in the Starkville area during the COVID-19 pandemic, hadn’t told his father about the transfer from the state of Mississippi before Leach’s meme, his father said.

Leach was hired in January to become the Mississippi state football head coach after Joe Moorhead’s layoff. Fabien Lovett, a former graduate of Dandy Dozen and Olive Branch, was recruited to Starkville by former head coach Dan Mullen and then Moorhead.

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The father and son had great respect for the two coaches, and the three-star consensus rookie pledged to play for the Bulldogs.

“The state of Mississippi was my first choice for him,” said Abdual Lovett. “I thought better of the state of Mississippi, and I thought they would have dealt with this situation a little better than the way they handled it. I’m disappointed that I even pushed my son to go there, and that it happened. “


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