Millionaire Victoria Beckham “Fires 30 Fashion Brand Employees”


Victoria Beckham is said to have helped 30 staff members from her struggling fashion empire and is expected to seek government support.

Victoria has a family wealth of £ 335 million.

The former 46-year-old Spice Girl has seen her fashion brand struggling in recent years and recently sent letters to staff announcing her plans to cut wages to 80% in accordance with leave procedures.

It is believed that Vicky herself would not take her own salary during the coronavirus crisis – and recently saw senior staff, including her executive and marketing manager, leave.

It has also been reported that its flagship store in Hong Kong was to close when it attempted to take control of its business.

The fashion empire of Victoria has faced many challenges in recent months

“Like many, Victoria had to reluctantly put staff on leave. It was not a decision it took lightly, but for the long-term stability and profitability of the business, it had to be done, “a source told The Sun on Sunday.

“She personally kept her entire team involved in emails throughout the process and put all of the staff involved in improved vacation packages,” the source continued.

Victoria’s plan to put staff on leave could see them claim tens of thousands of taxpayers’ money if the government agreed to provide a grant.

Reports suggest Victoria must leave dozens off

It is believed that staff on leave will recruit employees, but 80% of their salary can be reimbursed by the government up to £ 2,500 per month per employee.

Staff are also believed to be on leave for two months “so far”.

A spokesperson for Ms. Beckham said, “We are working hard to protect our highly regarded Victoria Beckham team during this volatile time by keeping our business healthy.

A spokesperson for Ms. Beckham said, “We are working hard to protect our highly regarded team from Victoria Beckham”

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“After carefully evaluating all of our options, we decided to make some of the staff available on an improved package. “


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