Mike Gundy’s latest rant shows he belongs to Oklahoma State


There is not much to say about the training of Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy. He won 67% of his games at Oklahoma State, a traditional do-not-go program that became a near-annual contender for the Big 12 as Gundy drove them to 14 consecutive bowl games.

In the lingo of the coaching industry, Gundy has long defied gravity in Stillwater. This is the type of sustained performance in a second-level school that should have allowed Gundy to launch his career in blue blood work, where his relentless infractions and innovative programs could help train candidates for annual national championships. .

Gundy will not be able to leave the state of Oklahoma – his fondness for fanaticism undermining his winning records – arrived on Tuesday. “Data-reactid =” 18 “> The almost annual reminder of why Gundy won’t be able to leave Oklahoma State – his fondness for fanaticism undermining his winning records – came on Tuesday.

In an hour-long press conference that started with a racist remark, presented a handful of hilarious conspiracy theories and lacked a fundamental understanding of the rules of the Big 12, Gundy presented a performance that even the leadership of the Liberty University would have considered cheeky and mistaken. . Gundy has once again shown why his lovemaking will be forever chained to Stillwater, the Never Never Land eddy where he can live and talk without consequence.

“Whatever you don’t want your coach to say, he did a great job of saying it,” said a sports director for Gundy Power Five. “It is living in a bubble and not understanding the world we are in right now. “

Even for the low standards set by Gundy for his irresponsible comments, his press conference seems destined to rewrite his Wiki history out of ignorance. He said bringing a “flock of healthy people” outside will help fight the virus. He has brainstormed that his players should be kidnapped on campus.

He offered hilarious contrasts, telling people for a minute that they should lysol the bottoms of their shoes, then didn’t understand the importance of wearers returning to college. At one point, just after mentioning how the conoravirus attacks the lungs, Gundy said, “I don’t want to try to make it much more different than the common flu.”

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy gestures by answering a question during an NCAA college football media day in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Saturday August 4, 2018 (AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki).

All the bail, Gundy placed a donkey cap perfectly over his own head. He has been neglecting health issues, ignoring how the concept of kidnapping his players would be received, and set a May 1 return schedule for football workers that strained gullibility.

President Trump’s use of the phrase: “It’s racist and it creates xenophobia.” “)” Data-reactid = “44”> Gundy decided to commit a tempo violation with his ignorance, calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” 11 seconds from the press conference. This is both a racist and a harmful remark when repeated aloud (an expert, Harvey Dong of Cal-Berkeley, told the Washington Post that President Trump used the expression: “It is racist and that creates xenophobia ”).

Gundy started with a 20-minute monologue that thwarted him in his attempts to be a scientist, a news critic and a leader. He then added that he hoped the tests would be widely available within four weeks, which would allow the 100 people who work with OSU football to be stamped and return to work. This is very unlikely to happen, as many of the symptoms still cannot be tested. Maybe in four weeks we will have enough tests for offensive quality control analysts, but that sounds naive.

The same was true for Gundy’s calendar, as his May 1 goal clearly ignored the Big 12 directive, which prohibits “team activities organized in person of any type, anywhere” until 31 may. This includes going to the office.

Gundy went on to say that the players should come back. (He said that only three of the 105 Cowboy players stay in Stillwater.) “They are 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 and they are in good health and have the ability to fight this virus. If that is true, we are sequestering them and continuing because we have to move money through the state of Oklahoma. “

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby told Yahoo Sports last week that college football will not happen without students back on campus.) “Data-reactid =” 52 “> Most kids first high school in America currently have an understanding that is not how things will work (And the kidnapping will not happen, as Bob Bowlsby, the commissioner of Big 12, told Yahoo Sports last week that the college football would not happen without the students also returning to campus.)

Yet for a public figure of his stature to spread disinformation, xenophobic remarks and half-truths about a pandemic that killed more than 12,000 people in the United States, including more than 1,900 on the day of its appearance, is a miserable look for a university.

The State of Oklahoma’s response, when asked for comment, did not use the name of Mike Gundy. There were no specific reprimands. It’s the kind of administrative ambivalence that drives Gundy’s behavior. The OSU statement, which came from the university, sent home all the messages it failed to deliver. “This virus is deadly and we will do our part in the state of Oklahoma to help stop the spread.”

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy looks at the scoreboard during a timeout in an NCAA college football game against Oklahoma in Stillwater, Okla., Saturday November 30, 2019 (AP Photo / Sue Ogrocki).

The state of Oklahoma has long watched Gundy’s sins and praised the victories and the millions that accompany him. They incubated the deformed world of Gundy by letting him live without consequence thanks to his famous “I am a man! Humiliating and intimidating rant to a local columnist. They let him joke about Ambien, complain about the “snowflake” when a player was transferred and call a reporter during a conference call a “bastard” who “really hurts journalism”.

The journalism riff was particularly rich given that Gundy’s press conference on Tuesday had some excerpts that made real journalism teachers laugh. In the midst of Gundy’s curvy remarks, there were three references to “traditional media” and another to “national media”, criticizing the lack of positivity in news coverage and too much “pointing the finger”.

Fortunately, Gundy said he had come across an unbiased news network. “It’s One America News,” he volunteered in a 20-minute monologue. “It was so refreshing. They just report the news. There are no comments. There are no opinions. There is none left. There is no right. “

Basically, Gundy’s analysis of the news is like a television critic confusing the Kardashians with The Golden Girls. “OAN News makes Fox News look like the New York Times,” said Joel Kaplan, associate dean of the Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications, after a hearty laugh.

Gundy sometimes nuanced his remarks, emphasizing that he was not a doctor and that he was looking for more positive stories from the news shows he was watching. “This is my personal opinion,” he said. “Everyone has the right to an opinion. I think we are going to remove some of the positive things so that we can continue to fight this. ”

The biggest bright spot for college football fans in the country should be a deep expiration. Mike Gundy’s imprecise, totally unprofessional, xenophobic press conferences won’t come to a campus near you. Schools have launched tires on Gundy, including Tennessee in recent years, but he knows that leaving would mean changing.

Instead, he stays on the only campus that allows, encourages and welcomes his behavior. Mike Gundy reminded us again why he will never leave his personal Never Never Land.


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