Midnight Mania! Jon Jones frightfully doubles Anthony Smith’s criticism, then deletes his Tweet


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

It’s certainly one of the scariest examples of Jon Jones’s Tweet-N-Delete lifestyle.

Last week, Anthony Smith suffered a home invasion in the middle of the night from a former standout wrestler who went out of his mind. Jones reacted online saying that the home intruder would not have left home with the ability to walk. Smith retaliated, accusing Jones of using his disastrous worst-case home invasion as an opportunity to get into social media.

Tonight Jones responded before quickly deleting the Tweet. Fortunately, Cory Braiterman of MMAmania captured a screenshot.

Screen capture via Corey Braiterman

The deleted Tweet reads: “Anthony, if you leave your garage door open overnight, hurry up and get the family a gun, a sledgehammer or something. A more shower bag like me could have followed you all night long, it could have been bad for everyone. ”


A charitable interpretation of the Tweet above is that Jones has the ability to just sneak in and beat Smith. However, it’s hard not to interpret “completely had your way with you overnight” as implying sexual assault. It’s probably a bad choice of words for a man accused of assault after allegedly slapping a strip club waitress’s vagina in 2019.

Jones will later argue “No Contest” on this charge and will suffer few real consequences (as usual). Does anyone expect something different this time around or will he be ignored like most of Jones’ previous issues?


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