Michael Jordan’s training uniform is amazing


Michael Jordan trains with the Chicago Bulls in the ESPN documentary The Last Dance.

My holy grail of quarantine fashion.
Photo: ESPN

Much has been written about how we should dress while moving away from society. Some people believe that we have to wake up every morning and put on the same clothes we would normally wear at work. These people scare me and I will continue without addressing them directly. Others say, “Put on jeans and a T-shirt, go crazy – you’re home! These people work in finance and should not be taken into account on any issue, even financial. Still others suggest that we should wear comfortable pajamas, and these people are 100% right, except that putting on pajamas always requires “getting dressed.” Personally, I’m almost always 100% naked at home during my 40s, except for Zoom calls or brief, panicked sprints at the grocery store. I’m sorry to admit it in a professional setting, but I think it’s more than a little relevant to the subject matter. Lately, however, I have been bored of never wearing clothes; the novelty of never wearing clothes quickly disappears when you never wear clothes.

As such, I recently tried to decide what type of quarantine chest I should become. If I want to dress at all, it obviously has to be in something comfortable, but as a person who has practically no pajamas, I don’t want to make a binge buying pajamas at this point in my life. . It would be stupid. No, I need comfortable outfits that have a hint of kindness, a sense of cohesion, and that say I think, “You know, maybe I will go out for my constitution today. I am not talking about athleisure (tyrannical in its own way), but rather a relaxed, dilapidated, but absolutely perfect look that will transfer seamlessly into my post-coronavirus life, if I have the chance have a.


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