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Michael Jordan’s LeBron James Take is incredibly bad


Michael Jordan did not have a very good opinion of LeBron James at the time.

Michael Jordan is considered the greatest player in the history of basketball, although LeBron James is certainly in second place. Over the years, Jordan hasn’t recognized LeBron very much and doesn’t seem too interested in having a great relationship with him. This may be due in large part to the fact that Jordan is a competitor who does not want to associate with someone who could take the place of GOAT.

In fact, Jordan had little confidence in LeBron from the start. In a recently unearthed newspaper clipping from before LeBron’s editorial office, Jordan said that LeBron had potential, although he would most likely be at the lower level of the rangers and small attackers. He even went so far as to say that LeBron had not yet played against the men and that it would be an extremely difficult climb before he could be really tall.

Of course, this all turned out to be wrong when LeBron entered the league because he was a superstar right out. LeBron became the most dominant player in the league in a very short time and at 35, he remains the face of the NBA. Needless to say, Jordan is not really a talent assessor, although his career as an executive has already proven this.


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