Michael Che’s grandmother died of COVID-19. He responded by paying the rent for everyone in his building.


Saturday Night Live comedian Michael Che announced the devastating news that his grandmother died of COVID-19 on April 6 in an Instagram article. He said he was “clearly very hurt and angry that she had to endure all this pain alone”, but he was “also glad that she no longer suffered”.

Everyone handles grief differently, and Che explained that he was going through “the whole range of complex feelings that everyone lost to someone very close and special.”

A week and a half later, Che announced that he was doing something to honor his grandmother – paying the rent of the month for the 160 units in the social housing complex where his grandmother lived in New York.

In response to a comment, Che explained that his grandmother had lived in the New York City Housing Authority building over three decades ago before moving south. But, he wrote, “It’s crazy to me that residents of social housing are still required to pay their rent when so many New Yorkers can’t even work. Obviously, I can’t offer a lot of help by myself. But in the minds and memories of my late grandmother, I pay one month’s rent for the 160 apartments in the NYCHA building in which she lived. “

“I know it’s just a drop in the bucket,” he said. “So I really hope the city has a better debt relief plan for everyone who lives in social housing. AT LEAST. Che then called Mayor DeBlasio, Governor Cuomo and Diddy, saying, “Let’s fix this! Call me! “

Turning grief into a gift is a great way to honor someone who has passed away, especially at a time when so many are in urgent need of help. There is no doubt that a month’s covered rent will be a nice surprise and at least a slight easing of costs for families in this building.

Well done, Michael Che. Hopefully your generosity will extend to those who have the means and the heart to share the wealth.

SNL star grandma Michael Che dies of COVID-19


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