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MI6, the foreign intelligence service, and MI5, its national counterpart, have expressed concerns about Beijing’s response to the virus and the UK’s relations with the country. They have also started calling for tighter controls on high tech and other strategic areas to protect UK information and industry.

Intelligence asked whether the UK wanted to restrict takeovers of key tech companies to prevent information leaks.

They also suggested if the UK should reduce Chinese students’ access to research at universities and elsewhere for the same reason.

Whitehall source said UK must ensure diversity of ‘6G and 7G’ supply and protect very important industries from ‘crown jewels’ of technology, research and innovation .

MI5 and MI6, however, said they believed it was fair to allow Chinese company Huawei to access the UK 5G network after Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to allow them to have user data on the network in January.

Intelligence agencies wanted to focus more seriously on Chinese activity since before the epidemic.

MI6 reportedly warned ministers that China was underreporting the number of coronavirus cases and deaths at the start of the year.

These echo CIA briefings at the White House after President Donald Trump said the economic recovery seems suspicious.

At a press conference on March 21, he said, “China is very secret and it is unfortunate.

“That said, I have great respect for this country and great respect for the leadership of this country.

“I wish they could have given us advance warning. If we had a time difference of two or three months. “

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The Chinese government recently imposed restrictions on the publication of research on coronaviruses, in an approach that envelops the countries handling the mystery crisis.

Under the new policy, all academic articles on Covid-19 will be further verified before being submitted for publication.

Studies on the origin of the virus will be subject to further review and will have to be approved by central government officials, according to articles now deleted from Chinese universities.

An anonymous Chinese researcher told CNN, “I think it is a coordinated effort by (the) Chinese government to control (the) story, and paint it as if the epidemic did not originate in China, and I don’t think they will really tolerate any objective study to investigate the origin of this disease. ”

Coronavirus cases worldwide have reached more than 1.8 million since the Wuhan outbreak in December 2019.

The UK has seen 84,279 confirmed cases of the virus, with 10,612 deaths.

On Sunday, he recorded 5,288 new cases and 737 new deaths.

The country is expected to be locked in the foreseeable future after the measure was introduced in March.


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