Message from Paul Pogba sent to Man Utd fans as Bruno Fernandes compares Cristiano Ronaldo


Bruno Fernandes desperately wants Paul Pogba to stay at Manchester United so that he can form a fruitful partnership with him in the midfield.

The future of Pogba United remains uncertain, with the club’s £ 89 million record signing ready to push again for a move this summer after four years of returning to Old Trafford.

World Cup winner Pogba, 27, has been injured for much of the season and has not played since Boxing Day, with Fernandes – who joined United in January – who has not yet team up with him.

But Fernandes, 25, relishes the prospect of finally playing alongside Pogba, who he says is as important to United as Lionel Messi for Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo for Juventus.

Asked about his enthusiasm for playing alongside Pogba, Fernandes said: “A lot. A lot. I think we have a lot of good players in the midfield.

“Obviously Paul has been injured for a long time, and all we know is that he has a lot of qualities.

Fernandes absolutely wants to play with Pogba

“We can say in football that people normally forget what you are doing right when you have a mistake.

“You can do good for 34 games, and one game you do harm and everyone will remember.

“Paul is having a bad time because of the situation.

Fernandes wants to play with Pogba

“When he played too, the club and the team were not good, because expectations are high for Paul, because he is a top player and United pays a lot for him, and expectations are a lot for him.

“It is normal when you are in this situation where you do not play like a superstar, because everyone expects from Paul as they expect from Ronaldo at Juventus or Messi in Barcelona.

“Everyone expects this from Paul in Manchester because they know he has the qualities for it. It’s also trust in Paul.

“The team, we have a lot of confidence in Paul. “

The future of Pogba is in question

Fernandes, who joined United from Sporting Lisbon for £ 46.6 million, reaching a potential of £ 67 million, lined up against Pogba when he was at Udinese and the winner of the World Cup played for Juventus.

“I know Paul from Juve because I played him in Italy,” said Fernandes. “Believe me, it’s really difficult to play against Paul.

“Because I play in the midfield, I mark it. We’re playing on the same line, so it’s really difficult to play against Paul because he has power, he has technique.

“It’s hard to find a player like Paul: big, strong and technical. It’s hard to find a player like that, and he has a lot of qualities. I hope he comes back soon.

“He started training with us the week before we stopped, so I think when he comes back he will start playing and be part of the team.

“More than expected, I am confident about what Paul can bring to the team.

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“He has a lot to give, he has a lot of quality, and I think with the positive energy of the club – because we have won a lot of games and we are having a good time – everyone, the supporters and everything , will be more patient with Paul.

“Sometimes I feel when things go wrong, patience is less, you know? This is normal, because the fans want to win.

“Football is winning, not playing.

“But confidence in the team is greater now.

“So I think Paul, when he comes back, he will feel it and give more for the next few months and the next games. “


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