Meri and Kody Brown’s therapist both call them “exceptional control”


TLC fans Sisters Wives watch Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage deteriorate for several seasons.

Kody and his first wife both seemed guarded and emotionless as they battled multiple major divisions in their relationship – such as a legal divorce in 2014 (so that Kody could adopt the children of his fourth wife Robyn Brown from a marriage. previous), difficult discussions about infertility, and a cat fishing scandal in 2015, in which Meri flirted with a woman posing as a man online.

In the April 5 episode Sisters Wives, “Baby Steps”, Meri and Kody finally tried to resolve their marital problems head-on with a counseling session in Las Vegas with Nancy Hunterton, their marriage therapist. The therapist warned the couple that their controlling natures could keep them from being vulnerable with each other and building their relationship.

Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown and Christine Brown
Janelle Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown and Christine Brown | Ethan Miller / Getty Images for AEG Live

Meri and Kody talked about their failed marriage during therapy

Although Meri and Kody did not seem to agree on many
during their counseling session, they agreed on at least one thing:
Their relationship, as they had known her until now, was over.

“The relationship between him and me has disappeared. It’s dead. His
Said Meri definitively. the Sisters Wives the stars agreed that everything
going forward should be “something new”.

Meanwhile, Nancy called Kody and Meri for not making enough efforts to improve their marriage. The marriage therapist suggested that Meri’s caution and emotional reactions to the confrontations had probably caused some of her breakdowns in communication with her husband.

“Your level of sensitivity and responsiveness has been so great
that getting to the deeper things … was difficult, “Nancy told Meri.

As for Kody, Nancy rejected her insistence that he was unwilling to hear any criticism of her role in the breakdown of her marriage to Meri – at least not yet. “I don’t think I’m ready to be criticized,” admitted Kody. ” Are you serious? Nancy asked incredulously, warning her that it could stop any progress the couple could have made.

“In this relationship, it got to the point where I just finished understanding how wrong I am”, Sisters Wives explained the patriarch.

Kody said he tried to “save” Meri and “be his Jesus”

Kody developed his complicated story with his first wife, claiming that their past had made him feel “cheated” and emotionally “dangerous”.

Faced with confrontation or criticism, Kody said
Meri, “She goes completely into victim mode. “

“I’ll admit it,” said Meri, adding that she often felt that she had to protect herself from injury in her marriage as well as in the big Brown family.

Meri’s alleged tendency to play the role of victim, Kody
claims, made him feel responsible for his emotional well-being during the
years. The 18-year-old father said he sometimes felt the need to “save” Meri,
but he eventually ran out.

“I cannot be his Jesus. I’ve been trying to do this for years … I got a rescue complex, ” Sisters Wives exclaimed the patriarch. “All I’m trying to point out here is just sometimes exhausting. “

Nancy warned Kody and Meri of their equally “controlling” nature

During the counseling session, it became clear that the two
Kody and Meri couldn’t see the other striving to improve their relationship.

“None of us want to see what the other person
done, “admitted Meri when, in a Nancy written exercise, they both
had a hard time finding something positive to say about the other.

Kody also admitted that he had toxic tendencies when it came to conflicts with Meri. He admitted that he often stepped away from arguments rather than engaging with people in confrontations, and seemed to suggest that he knew it was a power play on his part. “It’s the big one” get high “. It’s the big final word because I’m moving away ” Sisters Wives explained the star.

Nancy had her own opinion on the couple’s current disconnect. “From
My perception is that you both control people exceptionally, “she said to Meri.
and Kody.

Turning to Kody, Nancy said, “I never saw you don’t
your way into an important decision. She took advantage of the family’s recent move to
Flagstaff as an example of how he often pushed his will on his large family,
including his four wives.

But Meri also controlled in Nancy’s eyes. ” I see you
as highly controlling in a protective sense, “said the therapist at first

Meri actually agreed with Nancy’s assessment of her, saying that she often felt she had to stay guarded to protect her emotions and the emotions of those she loved. “I control very hard to protect my environment, to protect myself, to protect the people I love”, Sisters Wives said the star.

Given the trait they had in common, Nancy thought it might
serve as an icebreaker. Since Kody and Meri both admitted that they sometimes had trouble
know what to talk about, not just chatting and brushing your teeth
aside from something more serious, or discussing the past – their therapist had a
unique suggestion. “If the two of you went to dinner and just took the
she controls, “you might have a start. “

While the deeper problems of the polygamous couple obviously could not
be resolved in one session, Kody was grateful to have had the opportunity to try to
fix things with his first wife. “It was really productive for me … I hope
Meri also gets something out of it, ”he told TLC producers.


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