Mercadona Boss pushes Spanish president for ‘quick takeoff’ as soon as Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol recover


Mercadona boss calls for “quick action” to save Spanish economy

THE boss of Mercadona held a video meeting to discuss the crisis with Spanish President Pedro Sanchez while his company cancels the month of March as a total loss.

Mercadona president Juan Roig is trying to be hyperactive in the coronavirus crisis, both because of the challenge of maintaining his entire supermarket network and his obsession with avoiding a long economic collapse in Spain.

He was pushing the president for a change in economic policy and the reconstruction of the country. At 70, and in a part of the population at risk, Juan Roig, continued to respect all the necessary precautions in his office in Mercadona in Valencia.

Mercadona is popular with locals and tourists.

The meeting took place via a video link with the Spanish president hosting the meeting from the Moncloa Palace in Madrid. It is understood that Roig urged the President to think carefully about other lock extensions and to keep the business community well informed. He also admitted that the march to Mercadona was what he called “total write-off”, the group did not earn any money in March.

British holidaymakers have historically shopped at Mercadona stores, finding them practical and very reasonable in terms of price, now they are stranded in the UK making it easy to see how they are affecting the local economies of the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol, we need it!


Founded in 1977 by the Cárnicas Roig group, it currently has 1,634 stores in Spain and 10 in Portugal, and employs 90,000 people.


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