Melania Trump highlights her husband’s reluctance to wear a face mask photo


Trump, meanwhile, has come under fire for suggesting that the blame for the violence weighed on people on “both sides” of the protest.

With her child-focused program, BeBest, Ms. Trump has tried to promote healthy online lifestyles and online bullying prevention. Mr. Trump, of course, uses Twitter as his primary batterer against Democrats, critics and members of the media.

But in December, Mrs. Trump refused to berate her husband for mocking Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate activist, on Twitter. Stephanie Grisham, then White House press secretary, said the first couple “often communicate differently”.

Throughout the coronavirus epidemic, the first lady has been criticized for appearing to have a different set of priorities. At first, it was widely criticized for focusing on building a tennis house at the White House instead of alerting Americans to the spread of the virus.

According to an administration official who understands her thoughts, Trump has waited for official government instructions to begin filming the public service announcements and issuing warnings on Twitter.

In recent days, she has been more involved in this file, in particular by responding to calls from her counterparts in France and Italy to discuss the measures to be taken to overcome the virus. And after canceling the White House Easter egg roll due to coronavirus problems, Trump donated thousands of commemorative wooden eggs from the event to workers at hospitals and federal agencies.

She also directed many of her own staff to the East Wing and the White House residence to work from home. The White House calligrapher and social secretary no longer show up for work, for example, but the chefs are always available to prepare meals for the first family.


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