Meghan Markle hated by Buckingham Palace staff since her marriage to Prince Harry?


Meghan Markle hasn’t liked the staff at Buckingham Palace from the start?

Meghan Markle was considered a misfit in the royal family since she married Prince Harry and her ideologies most often contradicted traditions.

According to an article by The new yorker, Meghan’s relationships with Buckingham Palace staff were still bitter.

The media described her as “… less in love with the very qualities that made her compelling for the press: her showbiz flair, her self-confidence and her feminist assertiveness habits”.

According to Camilla Tominey, editor at The telegraph of the day who had covered the royal family for more than a decade, Meghan was not received very warmly, and she also operated at a different speed from that of the staff.

They were also confronted with the shock of cultures. “She came from the celebrity world, which is very fast and very demanding,” said Camilla. “The royal world is very different – it is much slower and extremely hierarchical. In the royal world, it’s “What should we do next? “Well, what did we do last time?” »»

She continued, “It’s kind of like Downton abbey“There is a hierarchy of employees who have been at Buckingham Palace for years and years to serve the Queen and the country. And, therefore, for Harry and Meghan to make requests, there was a bit of gossip under the stairs, especially with the Duchess, who was’ Well wait a minute, who do you think you are? ”

On the other hand, Camilla revealed that Meghan had a deep connection with the staff at Frogmore Cottage. Harry and Meghan even said goodbye to their staff with a tearful lunch.


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