Meghan Markle and Prince Harry take leave after royal transition


  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expected to take a short time after the transition of their royal family.
  • BAZAAR.comThe Royal Editor at Large, Omid Scobie, explained if the Sussex have imminent plans The HeirPod.
  • Scobie said, “It was two people who were like, ‘We also need a break. “”

    Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry recently moved to Los Angeles, following the implementation of their decision to resign as senior members of the royal family. And although fans of the couple expect them to start working on new projects immediately, the Sussexes are apparently in no rush to get back to work.

    BAZAAR.comThe Royal Editor at Large, Omid Scobie, open on podcast The HeirPod, and says (via the Daily Mail), “Suddenly, on March 31, it crept up on us very quickly, we had the couple announcing the start of their transition period next year on Instagram. “

    He continued, “At the same time, they announced that they were shutting down their social media and website and taking a break for the next few months. I think it really took everyone by surprise. Because there was so much talk about the couple planning projects and being ready to launch initiatives. When in fact it was two people who said to themselves, “We also need a break. “

    Since their resignation as members of the royal family, Meghan and Harry have disabled comments on their Sussex Royal Instagram account and the documentary Disneynature the elephant, narrated by the Duchess of Sussex, was released. But it looks like it might take a while before Meghan and Harry are ready to start working on the next chapter in their lives.


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