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The couple moved to California last month from Canada. They resigned as senior members of the royal family late last month.

Prestigious industry figures in Los Angeles have made the couple the next big star in the city.

Melanie Bromley, chief news correspondent and chief information officer for E!, Believes the couple will be in high demand for appearances.

Speaking to the Guardian, she said, “Ultimately, it’s a city where royalty takes precedence over fame.

“They are potentially the most famous residents of Los Angeles.

“Or at least they’re on the same level as Oprah (Winfrey), like that kind of celebrity, the AAA list.”

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Meghan grew up in Los Angeles in Woodland Hills, with her mother living in the city.

Bromley suggests that’s why the couple’s move to California isn’t really a shock.

She said, “As much as they both – Meghan in particular – have roots in Canada, LA is her home.

“This is where she grew up, this is the place she knows best, so it is not surprising that they are here.

“I think what surprised people was just that they came here so quickly.”

Meghan and Harry have appointed Catherine St-Laurent as chief of staff.

She previously worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bromley said about hiring, “It is a huge hiring from someone who knows the world of foundations, who has relevance in this industry, who is a real hitter.

“And this hiring alone tells me how serious Meghan and Harry are when it comes to what their new life will be like.”

There is speculation that Meghan will return to her acting career.

Her first job after leaving the royal family was the voiceover of the documentary Disneynature ‘Elephant’.

He was greeted by generally warm critics, most of whom praised Meghan’s voiceover.

Prince Harry suggested Meghan for a voice-over role to Disney CEO Bob Iger at the London premiere of “The Lion King”.

Industry leaders have said they want to work with the newly-based couple in Los Angeles.

Ted Sarandos, content director for Netflix, has expressed interest in working with Meghan and Harry.

Prince Harry announced a project with Opera Winfrey on mental health for Apple TV +.

Al Jean, the Simpsons runner and executive producer, suggested he wanted the couple to appear in the series.


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