Meghan Markle and Harry formalize their exit with a new absence message


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the royal family official with a new “out of office” email response.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex officially resigned from their post as members of the royal family on Tuesday with the message confirming that their office is “now closed”.

Following crisis meetings in January between the queen and the couple after announcing their unprecedented intentions to resign and move to North America – the abdication agreement entered into force yesterday.

The automatic response, seen by People, said, “Thank you very much for your email. The office of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is now closed. “

As they completed their final engagements and went back and forth between the UK and a rented mansion on Vancouver Island, all of their London staff were laid off.

Prince Harry and Meghan officially resigned as senior royals this week

With Buckingham Palace no longer operational, Sussex staff were no longer needed, leaving communications manager Sara Latham to the Queen’s private office.

She will now report directly to the private secretary of the monarch Edward Young while the Palace will no longer comment on matters relating to Harry and Meghan.

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An official statement on Monday added that this also applies to any “palace spokesperson”, including household representatives and royal sources.

The US agency Sunshine Sachs will now manage communications for Sussex.

The Royal Sussex Foundation, which the couple led alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton, has begun to end.

Harry and Meghan were to lead the Royal Sussex Foundation with William and Kate

The charitable foundation was started by Harry and Meghan after they decided to retire as members of the royal family, but they were then prevented from using the Sussex Royal title once they were no longer part of it. from The Firm.

The couple, however, plan to continue supporting their other sponsorships and have launched the ball on a new non-profit organization.

The name Sussex Royal also can’t be used for social media or their website – Harry and Meghan sharing their last Instagram post on Monday.

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“At the moment there will be no further information on their next steps,” said a spokesperson.

The pair officially retain their titles but will not actively use HRH.

Harry and Archie, 11 months old, however remain sixth and seventh in line with the throne.


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