Meghan and Harry’s birthday plans for Archie ruined by coronavirus lockup | Royal | News


Meghan and Harry are currently in Los Angeles, where they recently moved from Canada to a million dollar mansion., But it is unlikely that any plans to spend Archie’s big day with family members or close friends happen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A source spoke with E! News reports that baby Archie’s big day plans with his family have now “changed” due to coronavirus restrictions preventing the former Sussex couple from returning to the UK.

The insider said, “The hope had been that Archie’s first birthday would be somehow marked by certain members of the royal family, cousins, grandparents and godparents in the United Kingdom when they would be in the UK. “

Meghan and Harry’s plans to visit the UK later in the year for charity events have also been canceled, which means they won’t see British family members anytime soon either.

The insider added, “I think the hope in the royal circles was that the Sussexes would return to the UK in May, either before or after their participation in the Invictus Games in the Netherlands next month, and they also had to attend the Queen’s Birthday Parade, Trooping the Color on June 13.

“But with these two events now canceled, and Harry and Meghan have fled to California where they are likely to distance themselves socially for the next few weeks, Archie is about to celebrate his first birthday with only his parents. “

It is said that the Sussexes hope to meet when the virus is well behind everyone.

But if the social distancing guidelines come loose at some point, it could see the former Sussex couple celebrating Archie’s birthday with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland in Los Angeles.

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“They are not a couple who likes to sit around and do nothing. I’m told they’re really busy. … They work hard. “

Nicholl added, “I have been told that the couple have no plans to release the new name of their foundation, Archewell, for a few weeks, or certainly until the spotlight is on the coronavirus pandemic.

“But they were reported in the post by a British newspaper which managed to obtain documents which they had deposited in the United States last month as a registered trademark, under the copyright of Archewell.

“They really felt that they did not want a load of speculation there.

“They want to focus on the coronavirus pandemic.

“They personally felt quite uncomfortable having been forced to make a statement about something they weren’t quite ready to share with the world. Added Mrs. Nicholl.

Twitter users shared their opinions on the relaunch of the brand.

One of them said, “Honestly, I don’t care … … there are so many more important things going on right now …”

Another replied: “They fled from our country! I don’t have time for them! “

A third commented, “Since they are just normal citizens, maybe they could just volunteer for the NHS for a while?” “


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